Marc E. Bassy [CANCELLED] at Irving Plaza

Irving Plaza, New York, New York



Marc E. Bassy [CANCELLED] at



Marc E. Bassy [CANCELLED]

Irving Plaza

The classiest and grooviest R&B singer of this generation is coming to your city! “You And Me” singer Marc E. Bassy has just announced a headlining tour that will be taking him across cities in North America, and we can’t be any more hyped about this.

His single, “You And Me,” earned him international acclaim and the RIAA solidified his status by awarding him with a Platinum Certification for the song. He releases music under his own record label, New Gold Medal Records, where he says he has more authority over his creative freedom and songwriting.

This year, he will be going on a highly anticipated North American Tour “Folk Hero Tour 2023,” and he is stopping in your city! This is your chance to catch some of his best hits live at the Irving Plaza on Sunday, the 29th of October, 2023.

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Marc E. Bassy is a singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area who started his career in music as the lead singer of 2AM Club. They had an amazing run but decided to go on an indefinite hiatus in 2015 after receiving unexpected news from their record label.

Upon leaving his band, he signed under Universal Records as a solo artist where he released the hit song “You And Me.” He has since left the record label to start his own, stating that coming from a family of business owners, it made sense that he released his own music and treated it as his business too. It also helped that he had more authority over his art. He said in an interview with Flaunt, “I was with Universal/Republic for a few solid years. It got to a point where they didn’t really want to support me the way I wanted to be supported. They’re the kind of label that’s very radio-driven, very focused on one single at a time. They’re not gonna put too much fuel in the fire unless there’s a spark that’s already been created. I had success early on there but it was diminishing. It was an amicable break up.” He added, “I’m constantly trying to improve and make whatever project I’m working on better than the one prior. That’s a never-ending battle. More recently into growing a business with people I care about, creating something that sustains people I care about (and myself). I’m also a little bit of a demon, I have a dark side that’s pretty strong. The older I get, I realize that too.”

Currently, his outlook on life reflects on the songs he has been writing - “ exploring the causes of depression and anxiety in modern culture while still delivering a mix of big pop songs and hip-hop-leaning gems about love and sex.” He stated that we live in a world where everyone is more connected than ever, but loneliness feels stronger than ever, and it is something he wants to explore in his music. His style can take him from the hood right into Top 40 radio, with a variety of sound and style sprinkled out throughout his recent releases.

His most recent album from late 2022, “Man Makes Plans,” has yet to be performed live on stage. This year, he has announced a brand new US Tour that the fans have been waiting for! He will go on a trek across North America, including a much-awaited stop in New York! Catch him live at the Irving Plaza on Sunday, the 29th of October, 2023.

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