Irving Plaza Rules

Please read the following rules carefully before attending any event at Irving Plaza. We recommend contacting the venue directly if you have any queries or want to see the latest updated rules of entry.

General Admission

No Outside Refreshments: Before entering the world of musical excellence at Irving Plaza, please note that outside food or drinks are prohibited. Conveniently, you will find nearby dining options to enjoy a meal or drink before or after the event.

Smoking Policy: For the comfort of all guests, smoking or vaping of any kind is not allowed inside. A specific smoking area is available outside the venue, allowing you to enjoy your event smoke-free.

Bag Searches: Security is our priority. Please allow security personnel to search bags, including purses, backpacks, and fanny packs, ensuring a secure environment for all.

Clear Bag Policy: Embrace the convenience of our clear bag policy with clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags no larger than 12″ x 6″ x 12″. Small clutch bags up to 4.5″ x 6.5″ will also be welcome.

Prohibited Items: Weapons, fireworks, and other dangerous objects have no place at Irving Plaza.
Possession of such items will result in immediate confiscation and may lead to denial of entry.

Considerate Behavior: Irving Plaza strives to create an environment of respect and enjoyment.

Please avoid blocking aisles, excessive talking during the performance, or any behavior that may disrupt the experience for others.

Age Restrictions

Each event at Irving Plaza may have specific age restrictions. Please refer to the particular event’s details to ensure compliance and enjoy a night tailored to the audience.

Photography and Recording

While memories are encouraged, professional cameras and recording equipment are restricted. Capture the night with your eyes and heart, and let professional photographers take care of the rest.

Dress Code

Individual events may require specific attire. Check the event guidelines and dress to impress as you become part of the Irving Plaza legacy.


Irving Plaza is designed to be accessible to all, with wheelchair accommodations and attentive staff ready to assist with any special needs.

Safety and Security

Trained security personnel are stationed throughout the venue, ensuring a safe and smooth experience. Emergency procedures are in place and guests are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the nearest exits.

Additional Services

Coat Check: During the colder seasons, a coat check service may be available to make your visit more comfortable.

Lost and Found:
In case you may have misplaced an item please check with Irving Plaza’s lost and found service. They are dedicated to helping you retrieve your belongings.

Customer Support: The friendly staff at Irving Plaza are always ready to answer any of your questions, address concerns, and ensure that you have a memorable experience during your event.