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Irving Plaza seamlessly combines captivating performances with customizable ticketing options, ensuring a memorable outing that suits your preferences.

Irving Plaza tickets

This site is not affiliated or sponsored by Live Nation or Irving Plaza concerts and is not an official ticket seller of Live Nation. This site links to resale tickets for concerts at Irving Plaza. See the Disclaimer page.

Online Purchases:

Thanks to the convenience of secure online ticket purchases, effortlessly accessible through the multiple online sources or our authorized ticketing partners, reserving your spot at the next thrilling show has never been easier. Our online platform boasts a user-friendly interface designed to streamline the process of securing your seats for upcoming events, offering you the ease and efficiency of online transactions.

Box Office:

Feel the excitement come to life as you step into the official on-site Box Office at Irving Plaza during operational hours. Their knowledgeable staff stands ready to guide you through seamless in-person ticket sales. This personalized touch to your ticketing journey enhances your overall experience, making it not just about a transaction but a special memory in the making.

Accessible Seating:

At the heart of Irving Plaza’s values lies inclusivity. They are unwavering in their commitment to providing a welcoming environment for all patrons. If you require accessible seating to fully enjoy our events, we encourage you to contact their Box Office. Their team is dedicated to ensuring everyone has equal access to the magic of live performances.

Group Sales:

For larger groups seeking a collective experience, you can opt to purchase tickets via our preferred ticket partner; Ticket Squeeze Their devoted team is poised to assist you in arranging special accommodations. Your group’s enjoyment is their priority, and they are there to curate an experience that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Will Call:

Opt for the Will Call option to streamline your entry process and save time on the event day. Retrieving your tickets from the Box Office is effortless with your valid ID. This approach ensures a smooth and efficient check-in experience, allowing you to transition seamlessly from anticipation to enjoyment.

Mobile Tickets:

Access to events at Irving Plaza is possible only using a mobile ticket. Embrace the modern convenience of electronic ticketing with an eco-friendly and paperless solution designed for the digital age! Irving Plaza’s mobile ticketing system gives attendees quick entry to events and aligns with a commitment to environmental responsibility. You will need your phone to enter the venue and printouts are not accepted.

Ticket Squeeze Partnership

Our partnership with enhances your ticket-booking experience for all concerts, not just those at Irving Plaza.

The alliance paves the way for a smooth ticketing process that is fast and simple. We use strict ticket vetting procedures to verify authenticity and ensure that you are securing the best seats for all Irving Plaza events.

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Ticket Partnership Advantage

Streamlined Experience

Our Ticket Squeeze partnership creates a positive ticket booking experience that’s smooth and straightforward. The collaboration is designed to simplify ticket acquisition and lets you focus on enjoying your upcoming event. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to an experience that effortlessly combines convenience and security.

Exclusive Offers

Our relationship with TicketSqueeze comes with extra offers and benefits that set us apart. You can be among the first to know about future events as soon as they are announced. By teaming up with you’ll gain an opportunity to be in the know when new and exclusive events are coming up and can tailor this information with your own personal preferences.

Ticket Authenticity Assurance

We take ticket authenticity seriously and our partnership with Ticketsqueeze reflects this commitment. Ticketsqueeze employs rigorous ticket authenticity and vetting procedures to guard against counterfeit tickets. This means that your ticket purchase is backed by solid buyer protection and gives you the confidence to step into Irving Plaza with confidence.

Best Price Guarantee

Your entertainment experience should be memorable, not expensive. Our partnership with Ticketsqueeze underscores our dedication to offering you the best ticket prices. Compared to other ticket providers, embracing Ticketsqueeze can lead to significant savings, ranging from 5% to an impressive 45% on prices and fees. Our unwavering commitment to affordability ensures that the value you receive aligns with the memories you’re about to create.

Last-Minute Convenience

Life’s unpredictability can sometimes lead to missing out on ticket sales for eagerly anticipated events. With Ticketsqueeze, that’s not a worry. Tickets are available from the moment they’re released until just hours before the event unfolds. This convenience ensures that you and your companions never miss the excitement of Irving Plaza, even if life’s plans change unexpectedly.

Side-by-Side Seating

The magic of live events is amplified when shared with loved ones. Whether with friends, family, or a mix of both, the partnership with Ticketsqueeze guarantees that group orders result in side-by-side seating. This commitment to togetherness ensures that you’re all set to enjoy the spectacle as a united front.

Event Safeguards

Life is full of surprises, and events can sometimes experience changes, leading to postponements or cancellations. In such cases, Ticketsqueeze has your back. In the event of a postponement, your ticket smoothly carries over to the new date. A full refund is automatically initiated if a cancellation occurs, providing peace of mind and protecting your investment.

Money-Back Guarantee

Ticketsqueeze’s dedication to authenticity is backed by a strong promise. In rare instances of any issues, Ticketsqueeze offers a 100% money-back guarantee, serving as a shield of assurance for your ticket purchase. This promise underscores their confidence in the legitimacy of the tickets they provide.

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