Irving Plaza Information

The Irving Plaza, situated at 17 Irving Pl, New York City, NY 10003-239, has existed in many different forms. Originally four separate buildings which were combined into a hotel in the 1870s, the building was transformed into the first incarnation of the Irving Plaza in 1927. Over the years that followed, the building served many different functions, including that of a Polish Army community center, a performance area for folk dancing, a union meeting house, and the host of the People’s Songs Hootenannies with Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie.

Since 1978, the Irving Plaza has primarily functioned as a rock music venue, with names passing through its doors including Eric Clapton, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Dylan, the Talking Heads, and countless more. The venue continues to this day to provide a performance space for the world’s greatest musical acts.

irving plaza concerts

Irving Plaza is more than just a music venue. It is a musical landmark steeped in tradition and pulsating with the energy of New York City. Nestled near Union Square in the heart of Manhattan, New York City, Irving Plaza has become synonymous with entertainment excellence. Having a capacity to welcome more than 1,000 music patrons, Irving Plaza offers an intimate connection between artists and their audience and creates an unforgettable live music experience.


The history of Irving Plaza stretches back to 1860 when it began as a grand hotel ballroom. It quickly evolved and mirrored the cultural shifts of New York City. In the early years it served as a community hall and hosted dances, lectures, and social gatherings.

Back during World War II the facility was used as a gathering place for Polish Army veterans. During the 1970s the venue began a transition into a rock club. It soon started hosting concerts and welcomed a diverse array of artists and genres. Legends such as The Ramones, Talking Heads, and U2 played here and helped to build its reputation as a live music hub.

The transformation from a ballroom to a leading concert venue included renovations to the facility and is symbolic of the ever-changing New York cultural landscape. Irving Plaza became a place where history and the modern age combined and where artists could connect with fans. It became the place where generations of music lovers gathered to experience unforgettable performances.

Irving Plaza has been renovated and reimagined throughout its existence. Over time however, the essence of the place never changed. Walls echo sounds of iconic performances and resonate the energy and passion of artists who played there in the past. The history here has become more than just a chronicle of a concert hall but actually a reflection of the musical soul of New York City.

What Makes Irving Plaza Special

Irving Plaza’s uniqueness lies in its fusion of historic charm and modern energy that create an immersive concert experience. The venue layout features elegant balconies which evoke nostalgia and contemporary vibes. The whole place transports guests to a time when music was an art form that resonated deeply with every note.

Irving Plaza has set itself apart from other venues through its dedication to hosting a diverse range of musical genres. It is a hub where emerging artists are born and legends shine. Audiences can even discover new sounds like punk rock rebellions and soulful jazz nights. The Irving Plaza stage hosts a variety of performances for a wide range of musical tastes.

Guests to Irving Plaza experience a commitment to an exceptional experience that shows up in the amazing acoustics and friendly hospitality. The welcoming staff adds a friendliness to the whole experience and makes guests feel part of a larger community. The place is a cultural institution where music, history, and diverse backgrounds converge. Doors are open to everyone seeking to experience the pulse of New York’s music scene. If you wish to relive memories or create even new ones, Irving Plaza is the place to be.

Sound System

Irving Plaza’s reputation for outstanding audio quality is no coincidence. The facility is equipped with a cutting-edge sound system that provides guests with a flawless and immersive audio experience. The sound system was crafted by renowned audio engineers known for their ability to deliver unparalleled clarity and depth from their custom-designed solutions. The system’s amazing audio features bring performances to life and create a symphony of sound that resonates within every listener.

Who Owns Irving Plaza

Irving Plaza is a distinguished member of the Live Nation family of venues. This is a testament to its reputation in the live entertainment world. Live Nation’s dedication to provide top-tier experiences is a perfect match with Irving Plaza’s commitment to guests. This partnership ensures the highest standards are maintained across all aspects of every show.

Irving Plaza also has a strong connection between music and The Big Apple. Its rich history and contemporary comforts make it a must-see for any music lover. Whether you are drawn to its historical appeal or excited for an entertaining night out with your favorite artist, Irving Plaza promises a memorable experience filled with music, emotion and the unforgettable essence of New York City.