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Irving Plaza is more than just an entertainment spot; it’s the center of a vibrant neighborhood. Surrounding this venue are top-notch hotels, delectable restaurants, and must-visit local attractions.

Hotels near Irving Plaza

After a show at Irving Plaza, there are nearby hotels for a good rest. There are options for different budgets. Whether you like modern designs or more traditional places, there’s a hotel for you.

Hyatt Union Square New York

Distance from Irving Plaza: Approximately 0.4 miles
Stay close to the action at Hyatt Union Square. With spacious rooms, attentive staff, and modern amenities, it promises a refreshing experience just a few steps away from Irving Plaza’s energy.

Gramercy Park Hotel

Distance from Irving Plaza: Approximately 0.9 miles
Experience classic New York elegance at Gramercy Park Hotel. Its art-infused interiors and plush settings make it a sanctuary of comfort amidst the city’s buzz.

The Standard

Distance from Irving Plaza: Approximately 1.3 miles
Overlooking the iconic High Line, The Standard is a fusion of style and comfort. Its rooftop bar offers panoramic views, making it perfect for a nightcap after your show.

Wyndham Garden Hotel Manhattan

Distance from Irving Plaza: Approximately 1.5 miles
Wyndham Garden offers a balance of convenience and comfort. With friendly staff and cozy rooms, it’s an ideal spot to recharge during city adventures.

The Bowery Hotel

Distance from Irving Plaza: Approximately 1.7 miles
Step back in time with The Bowery Hotel’s vintage charm. This hotel combines old-world architecture with modern-day amenities, creating a warm and unique ambiance.

Restaurants Near Irving Plaza

There are many different types of food choices near Irving Plaza. Whether you want Spanish food, American dishes, or Asian meals, you have options. There are also places for a quick snack or a sweet treat.

Casa Mono: A Renowned Spanish Restaurant

Distance from Irving Plaza: Approximately 0.2 miles
Casa Mono is where Spain meets New York. Its rich paellas and aromatic wines promise a genuine taste of Spanish culture.

Union Square Cafe: An Iconic New York Eatery

Distance from Irving Plaza: Approximately 0.4 miles
Known for its twist on American classics, Union Square Cafe is a testament to culinary innovation. Every bite here tells a story of tradition and creativity.

Republic: Great for Asian Fusion Cuisine

Distance from Irving Plaza: Approximately 0.5 miles
Republic captures the essence of Asia with dishes blending flavors from Thailand, China, and Vietnam. It’s a true celebration of Asian culinary diversity.

The Stand

Distance from Irving Plaza: Approximately 0.6 miles
Laughter and food meet at The Stand. With top comedians and a menu full of favorites, it’s an experience that caters to both the heart and the stomach.

Local Attractions

Besides eating and staying, there’s more to do near Irving Plaza. You can visit bookstores to read,
parks to relax, or museums to learn something new. There’s something for everyone.

Union Square Park: A Lively Urban Park

Distance from Irving Plaza: Approximately 0.3 miles
Union Square Park is more than green spaces; it’s where the city comes alive. From live performances to farmer’s markets, something always happens here.

The Strand Bookstore: A Historic Independent Bookstore

Distance from Irving Plaza: Approximately 0.2 miles
The Strand Bookstore is a literary wonderland. With floors stacked with books, from classics to contemporary, it’s every book lover’s dream.

Museum of Mathematics: An Engaging and Interactive Museum Experience

Distance from Irving Plaza: Approximately 0.6 miles
Unlock the mysteries of numbers at the Museum of Mathematics. Fun-filled and educational, it’s a space that makes learning genuinely engaging.

Irving Plaza is surrounded by many useful and exciting places. There are close-by hotels, many types of restaurants, and interesting spots to visit. This adds more to what you can do when you visit Irving Plaza. In this part of New York City, you can watch a show, eat good food, or visit local places. All these things make your time at Irving Plaza better