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Any Hip-hop show at the Irving Plaza is worth a watch! The venue allows guests to feel almost like they’re at a rap battle. That’s exactly what you can hope to experience on Friday the 26th July 2024, when YG and his Just Red Up Tour come to town. The West Coast product’s going to be hittin' up the East Coast in what is essentially the second month of his tour. Expect his new single, “Wired,” to be heavily featured that night in NYC.

Doe Boy is going to be one of the opening acts at the Irving Plaza. One thing to keep in mind here, the Just Red Up Tour doesn’t have a Philly stop. So if Meek Mill wants to show up and sing “100 Shooters” with Doe Boy it’s gotta be at this NYC stop. There may be plenty of surprises on that last Friday in July.

DJ Vision is also part of the tour. He’ll probably be in the background all night, providing the beats. That’s gonna help give the show that rap battle vibe. Also, he’ll likely be the first artist out of the gate to make sure that the crowd’s pumped up by the time YG hits the stage.

YG is one of the few contemporary rappers who keeps the West Coast 90s rap scene alive. Irving Plaza is a perfect place to live out this experience. Make sure to hit the get tickets button today to be on the ground floor on Friday, July 26th.

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Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill are two of the biggest names that YG has collaborated with in the past. In fact, their song “That’s My N****” is the best thing that came out of the Will Smith movie, where he’s a cop whose partner’s an alien. The Netflix one, not MIB. These collaborations are what’s generating some of the buzz about the potential special guests for this tour. Even if it’s just YG, though, and his two opening acts that are set for the whole tour, it’s an event that’s hard to beat.

Unfortunately, a lot of the OGs like Snoop aren’t necessarily on tour all that often. If you want to take in some of the West Coast rap vibes, YG’s one of the few guys that’s spittin' them out. That’s going to be evident from the moment that he hits the stage at the Irving Plaza. The low beats of “Who Do You Love” are going to start playing, and the crowd will feel right then and there. Then he’s going to start with the lyrics, and the place is going to go wild.

Not to sound like a broken record, but it’s really a shame that these pure hip-hop acts are hard to find. There’s been a lot of electro-music influence in the genre over the last few years. The type of vibe YG brings to the table is a bit more old-school. If you were able to catch some hip-hop OGs at the Irving Plaza in their heyday, you know what it was like. YG is one of the few dudes who can turn back the clock a bit and truly provide that type of performance.

The floor area next to the stage is where these shows really take a life of their own at the Irving Plaza. If you want more breathing room, though, you can get your tickets in the loft area or the rail on the second level. Each spot is going to provide its own unique feel to guests who decide that’s the place for them on the night. Regardless, you want to hit that get tickets button to reserve your seat! Make sure to get to the Plaza early on July 26th to get the full scope of the show.

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