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Indie folk fans can anticipate an excellent summer season because the enigmatic urban folk powerhouse Wilderado is branching out on an extensive June/July trek! This highly anticipated outing will be bringing the band’s brand-new singles centerstage! “Sometimes” and “Tomorrow” are double singles that follow the band’s work from their 2021 self-titled effort! On Friday, 14th June 2024, Wilderado will take their highly diverse catalog to New York City! Anticipate a thrilling setlist of sorts as the band demonstrates their knack for folk, alternative, rock, and more at the Irving Plaza! This intimate show is guaranteed to be an adrenaline-rushing spectacle packed with iconic hits and crowd favorites! Well, if you’re one of those fans who have been waiting for a long time for Wilderado to come out, now is the time to check them out on this massive trek! Hurry and secure your tickets now before you miss out!

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It has approximately been almost a decade since these Tulsa, Oklahoma natives came out with their highly acclaimed Misty Shrub debut EP. The trio, known for their love for fusing folk and alternative music, was a budding independent outfit with a knack for songwriting and captivating stories. Now signed to a more established independent label and garnering a niche but massive fanbase across the globe, Wilderado has steadily become one of the fastest-rising indie bands in the circuit. For starters, their supposed unassuming debut EP clocked in over 18 million streams.

Since then, the band has graced the circuit alongside renowned indie acts to promote their follow-up effort Latigo - which has been praised for its highly innovative and clever infusion of various music elements. By the time Wilderado dropped their highly anticipated self-titled debut effort, they’d grown to become one of the most sought-after live indie acts in the scene. While maintaining their “can still fit in the back pocket” status, the band has pretty much entered into their dark horse era. With critics describing their debut album as a definitive brilliant piece of work, the trio is absolutely on their way up.

Now, with a brand new summer outing and a forthcoming album, things are looking up for fans who have been waiting a long time for Wilderado's phenomenal return. Hitting over 30 cities, the trek kicks off in the first week of June. For the June dates, Wilderado will be bringing along support act Flyte, a two-piece English outfit that’s currently promoting their self-titled third effort. Like Wilderado, Flyte has reach ten years of performing outstanding music.

For Wilderado’s show at the Irving Plaza, fans can anticipate a thrilling setlist packed with iconic staples, such as “Surefire,” “Take Some Time,” “Rubble to Rubble,” “Sometimes,” and more. Meanwhile, Flyte will be delivering career-spanning hits, including “We Are the Rain,” “Closer Together,” and “Echoes,” as well as newer staples, such as “Defender” and “Tough Love.”

If you’re a fan of underrated but brilliant pieces of indie folk and rock masterpieces, you better check out Wilderado’s upcoming showdown at the Irving Plaza! This event is guaranteed to bring you on a wild musical trip! Hurry and make sure to secure your access to the show now before it’s too late!

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