Trixie Mattel: Official Pride Disco Afterparty at Irving Plaza

Irving Plaza, New York, New York



Trixie Mattel at Irving Plaza



Trixie Mattel: Official Pride Disco Afterparty

Irving Plaza

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Drag superstar and recognized “Skinny Legend” Trixie Mattel will be setting up camp (literally and figuratively) at Irving Plaza to greet guests as part of the Official Pride Disco Afterparty. Get ready to vibe with her DJing and keep the festivities going all night long. Get tickets online today; the party starts at 10:30pm. Don’t be late, bitch.

There are very few drag queens as multi-talented and downright iconic as the queen of the Barbies herself, Trixie Mattel. Alongside her long-term partner in crime, fellow Drag Race icon Katya Zamolodchikova, Trixie has stayed relevant in gay pop culture for years with her cynical attitude and distinctly notorious face card. In case you didn’t know, Ms. Mattel is also a DJ. To see her in action, head to the Pride afterparty right here in NYC’s own Irving Plaza. You don’t wanna miss out, do you? Riiight… get tickets now!!

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Trixie Mattel has come a long way from her humble Wisconsin roots, but she has never forgotten the little gay kid she used to be. Want proof? Okay, take her drag name for example: Trixie Mattel? It comes from her stepdad’s relentless bullying; he called mini Trixie a… Well, Trixie. And since he called her Trixie so often when she was being extra queer, Trixie took that name and turned it into something positive. Like a drag name! Anyways, little Trixie would probably freak the eff out if she saw that her future self was hosting a DJ Disco party at NYC Pride. Since his younger self won’t be there, you better grab some tickets to go see Trixie at Irving Plaza. We know you don’t have any other plans… so get the tickets!!

What’s better than a day full of Pride festivities at the end of Pride Month? Mmmmmm probably getting to go to a Pride Disco Afterparty hosted by none other than Mother herself, Ms. Trixie Mattel. There’s truly nothing better than that. She’s here, she’s queer, and she’s ready to make your Pride extra special. Whether you end up huddled up in the corner because you’re overstimulated or you’re the life of the party, challenging everyone to dance battles to the tune of Ayesha Erotica, you’re welcome here. So, what are you waiting for? Why not just buy your tickets right here, right now? C’mon , you know you want to…

Pride is supposed to be a time for every member of our community to come together and celebrate our differences, our identities, and, most importantly, our humanity. It goes without saying (hopefully) that everyone is welcome at Pride. But Trixie Mattel’s Disco Afterparty takes it to another level. If you love a party and still have energy to get down when the doors open at 10:30pm, then go ahead! If you’re more on the introverted side and got roped into coming because your group of friends wanted to see Ms. Mattel in the flesh, there’s space for you too. Just make sure you don’t step in the way of the former, kay? With Trixie, all are welcome. So, grab some tickets now to end your Pride month with a bang!!!

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