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Rock’s not dead, and The Stews are here to prove it! One of the freshest faces in contemporary rock music, The Stews, will be bringing their Chicken Fight Album Release Tour to the Irving Plaza in NYC on the 12th of July 2024. The band formed at Auburn University brings old-school rock band vibes with new music that’s bound to spice up that Friday night. These four guys that make up the band are really livin “that life” that a lot of aspiring musicians have always dreamed about. Touring the country and playing music with a few of your buddies. Every single musician's dream!

Guests at the show, for their part, can expect to be transported back in time to when life was easier. Just a Friday night out with friends, catching a rock show; nothing else going on. If you want to get a chance to see one of the top up-and-coming bands in the industry, perhaps they take things to the next level, make sure to click the get tickets button!

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In a sense, the concept behind The Stews was always to create a traditional rock band. The longer hair and the way the guys just go wild while on stage perfectly reflect that. Their vintage hard rocker look plays perfectly though into the vibe that the band gives off. They’re the local rock band that you could’ve spotted at a bar in any city across America. It’s just that now they’ve made it big! It was only in 2022, though, that they put out their first album, “What Was.” They’ve been on tour seemingly ever since!

Hourglass, Buried Alive and Lately/ How it Ends are the singles that they’ve released this year. 2023 also saw them drop new music one song at a time. The long awaited show at the Irving Plaza will likely feature songs from their one and only album to this point. Their most popular song on Spotify, is by far still “Make it Out”. That’s from their first EP they released in 2021. What’s unique about this band is that they mostly play their original music in their shows.

That’s what you can expect at the Irving Plaza on July 12th. Many of these new bands want to gain traction playing covers. The Stews, on the other hand, are confident in what they bring to the table. They create an entire vibe around their songs and the way they perform on stage. That’s what makes them worth a watch.

The Irving Plaza is perhaps the best venue to watch rock bands, arguably, in the country. You could argue in favor of other spots, and there could be some debate. Let’s call them like we see them, though. For starters, it’s NYC, and this is where any performer wants to see their name up in lights. The venue, with the big floor space right next to the stage, just oozes classic rock theater. You want to get there early to find a spot near the stage. Then, all you have to do is get ready to rock out! If you’re in your late teens, or 20s, and you always wanted to experience an 80s or 90s rock concert, this may be a perfect opportunity. Even if The Stews aren’t yet the household name, they might become. That’s part of the aura of old-town rock. Finding those diamonds in the rough! get your tickets today!!

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