The Dear Hunter at Irving Plaza

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Irving Plaza | New York City, New York

It’s been ten years since the release of The Dear Hunter’s fifth studio album, Migrant! This fall, the progressive rock powerhouse will celebrate the album’s tenth anniversary with a once-in-a-lifetime tour titled, Celebrating 10 Years of Migrant! The outing, which kicks off in October, will cover 21 cities, including a coveted stop in New York City! The shows are set to feature the album’s entirety as The Dear Hunter performs the tracks live from start to finish! On Friday, 3rd November 2023, this highly-anticipated set featuring songs like “Shouting at the Rain,” “Whisper,” “An Escap,” and more will light up the Irving Plaza! Besides The Dear Hunter, the show will also feature exhilarating performances from special guests Delta Sleep and All Get Out! If you progressive rock music is your jam, this is your chance to catch The Dear Hunter conquer the Irving Plaza on Friday, 3rd November 2023! Hurry and grab your tickets now!

The Dear Hunter at Irving Plaza

Upon announcing the tour, The Dear Hunter took to social media to express their excitement. “This fall, we tour the US w/ Delta Sleep and All Get Out. This is our 10-Year Anniversary of Migrant, and we couldn’t be more excited to play a bunch of songs from it.” Celebrating 10 Years of Migrant is a highly-anticipated tour featuring tracks from the band’s fifth studio album. Migrant, released in 2013, was produced by The Dear Hunter frontman Casey Crescenzo in collaboration with esteemed music producer Mike Watts. The 12-track album features songs written by Crescenzo, who happens to be an exemplary multi-instrumentalist.

Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, the band had always had a knack for experimenting with music. Crescenzo, who also happened to perform with the now-defunct band The Receiving End of Sirens, needed an outlet for his progressive rock tendencies. So he created The Dear Hunter as a side project. Eventually, Crescenzo went full-time with The Dear Hunter and released a statement explaining his decision to fans, “The idea was to take the creative overflow from the Receiving End of Sirens and bottle it up into something that I could keep with me. There was never a plan to take it on the road or to release it. It was only when things with them went awry that I was given the opportunity to really make it into a traditional sort of thing.”

The band has produced ten studio albums. In 2006, they dropped their debut studio effort, Act 1: The Lake South, The River North. The record served as the first installment of a five-part series. In 2011, the band released The Color Spectrum, in which tracks are given an assigned color. Crezensco explained the concept, “Anything we think of, we can do. Humanity's idea of colors is too broad. This needs to be more personal because ideas of colors vary from person to person.”

Two years later, the album Migrant was released, and it received wide critical acclaim from fans and critics. The album was primarily described as a simpler sibling of The Dear Hunter’s other outputs, but the work still showcases an elaborate composition and superior songwriting. The Dear Hunter has been known to deliver incredibly tight sets on stage. Fans have attested to the band’s impeccable level and quality. The band has also been revered by listeners for their outstanding sound production. If you love top-tier progressive rock music, you should really check out The Dear Hunter during Celebrating 10 Years of Migrant this fall. In addition to songs from Migrant, the band will also be performing select songs from their entire catalog.

Tickets to see The Dear Hunter deliver their high-energy set at the Irving Plaza on Friday, 3rd November 2023, are now available!

The Dear Hunter at Irving Plaza

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