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Indie rock music lovers out there, you’re in for great surprises from the well-loved band - THE BOGMEN!

Not only are they releasing their third LP - In My Kingdom (set to be released on May 31, 2024) - but there are also going to have a live album release show on May 30, 2024 at the Irving Plaza in New York!

With their new single - also titled In My Kingdom - and music video dropped on March 21, their avid fans can’t stay put! Given their catchy tunes and charming stage presence, it’s no doubt that they’re sought after!

You will find everything you love about them in their new album. It's said to be melodic, poetic, and seamlessly transitions from an old-timey, rootsy sound to an orchestrated, electronic sound. It's Americana with an ethnic flair, with lyrical themes of love, grief, rebirth, and transcendence through imagination. It's also intensely personal so that people can relate to it.

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After decades in the industry, The Bogmen remain to be relevant today. The band abruptly broke up in 1999 following a seven-year, lengthy U.S. tour and the release of two albums on Arista Records, Life Begins At 40,000,000 (produced by Talking Heads' Jerry Harrison) and Closed Captioned Radio (starring Godfrey Diamond and Bill Laswell). The band had given up on ever playing together again after the horrific events of 9/11, which took the lives of keyboardist Brendan Ryan's wife Kristy and numerous other band members, but they managed to put their disagreements aside and work for good instead. Playing two sold-out nights at Iriving Plaza in New York City and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for 9/11 families was the beginning of it all.

The Bogmen have re-recorded a large portion of their back catalog and are now releasing their first full-length album in over 20 years.

In the case of The Bogmen, absence makes the heart grow fonder. They could have easily added another night to their first major event in years, which sold out in three days at Webster Hall in September 2021. Tickets for that show were selling for as much as $1K on the secondary market. The most interesting development is the emergence of a younger audience; fans between the ages of 15 and 25 now make up a sizable portion of the audience, and their numbers are growing with each performance.

The shows are a holy experience, and the music is both pop and eccentric. Come witness the audience performing on cue, including complete strangers do-si-doing back-to-back dance and singing together! Heavy beats, upbeat, distorted guitar riffs, analog synths, distorted keys, ukuleles, mandolins, accordions, horns, and powerful voices characterize the sound of a current Bogmen performance. There are also a couple ballads where the band takes a break and the crowd relaxes.

Every performance is a visual extravaganza, with the band's vibrant, custom-made costumes set against highly imaginative, eye-popping graphics.

Now with their album release show on May 30, 2024, you will get the chance to witness what we’re talking about! Hit the GET TICKETS button now!

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