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Spite & Bodysnatcher

Irving Plaza

Heavy death metal fans should prepare themselves! Crazy energy, beast vocals, and exceptional stage performances are about to take over New York.

Despite coming from different coasts, California’s Spite and Florida's Bodysnatcher will be co-headlining a massive tour called "The Common Enemies Tour."

And they’re making their stop at the Irving Plaza in New York on May 20, 2024!

With both bands having an amazing and incredible pull on on their tours, it is not a surprise that tickets to this concert are selling fast. Jam to the sounds of Spite’s “Caved In,” “Kill or Be Killed,” “Thank You, Again,” “Made to Please,” and “Dedication to Flesh” and Bodysnatcher’s “Black of my Eyes,” “Wired for Destruction,” “Isolation,” “This Heavy Void,” and “King of the Rats.”

Taking the core to a whole new level in this music genre and having created a solid fanbase, both Spite and Bodysnatcher will surely give you a night to remember! Catch them live in New York, City - book your tickets now!

Now known for their soul-crushing death metal music, Spite started with guitarist Alex Tehrani, bassist Stephen Mallory, drummer Cody Fuentes, and vocalist Darius Tehrani. They released an independent EP called Misery and a full-length album of the same name before signing a record deal with Attila frontman Chris Fronzak's Stay Sick Recordings.

Nothing Is Beautiful, the band's debut album for the label, was released in July 2017 and was talked about for similarities with releases by artists such as Thy Art Is Murder, Acacia Strain, and Suicide Silence. With the brutal Root of All Evil, released in 2019, Spite persisted in pushing the limits of heavy music. They signed with Rise Records, went through a few personnel changes, by adding guitarist Lucas Garrigues and replacing Mallory with Ben Bamford and Fuentes with ex-Emmure kitman Josh "Baby J" Miller (half of Darko with Tom Barber).

Spite came back in 2022 with Dedication to Flesh.

Renowned for their wild energy and powerful riffs, Spite is quickly gaining a lot of support and growing their fan base even though they are a relatively young and small band. The metal community is in full swing as their fans they refer to as their "Spite Cult" continues to grow stronger every day.


American hardcore band Bodysnatcher made up of Kyle Medina (vocals), Kyle Carter (guitar), Kyle Shope (bass), and Chris Whited (drums), was named after one of the most infamous serial killers in history, Ed Gein. They are symbolized by a triangle that is rife with esoteric and alchemical symbolism. The origin point came with the purest of intentions, yet the lyrics to Bodysnatcher owe more to the horrors of domestic struggles than to the gore of its Florida-based forebears in Cannibal Corpse.

“We were just going to be a 'breakdown band' for my friends to mosh to,” Medina says. "Eventually, the band stabilized with a lineup that overlapped at various points with beloved groups like King Conquer and Dealey Plaza. Bodysnatcher then released a quick succession of albums and singles.

Bodysnatcher now has four albums: Abandonment, Death of Me, This Heavy Void, and Bleed-Abide. Its members are vocalist Kyle Medina, drummer Chris Whited, bassist Kyle Shope, and guitarist Kyle Carter.

This one appears to be a nightly ripper for sure, with thrown, Knosis, Psycho Frame, and Cell giving support on specific evenings.

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