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Slizzyfest at




Irving Plaza

Step into the legendary party atmosphere of Slizzyfest, where music breathes life into the legendary Irving Plaza on Sunday 31st March 2024. This is your exclusive opportunity to witness a collection of hit sensations that have rocked the charts and hearts of many.

Tickets start at just $70—an investment in an exceptional New York night. Why wait when you can secure your spot at the nexus of rhythm and pulse? The sheer energy of the performers coupled with their admirably won awards promise an evening that reverberates with each note, aiming to surpass all your expectations.

With a portfolio embellished with popular songs, the performers at Slizzyfest are poised to deliver explosive performances that encapsulate their journey to stardom. Their music, having echoed across various platforms, is synonymous with success and celebration.

Click the 'buy tickets' button now and etch this date in your memory as the night New York came alive with the sound of future classics.

Light up your lighters and get ready for the Slizzy! New Yorkers! Mark your calendars for March 31st because Smokers Club and Slizzy Ent are throwing the biggest, most legendariest, party Irving Plaza has ever had the honor of hosting! Celebrate Cash Cobain's birthday and Slizzyfest all in one! Get ready for a night of MASSIVE PERFORMANCES by the whole Slizzy Gang as they pay homage to the man of the hour, Cash Cobain! so, get ready for the biggest celebration of music history and a glimpse into the future, all under one roof, and y'all get to be part of the whole thing, it's gonna be history in the making!!!

The lineup is seriously lit, featuring Cash Cobain himself, Chow Lee, Vontee The Singer, Lonny Love, and a whole crazy bunch more. Smokers Club even promises a one of a kind, exclusive strain for the occasion, plus, super secret, surprise guests to keep the party buzzing. With them at the helm, expect head-bobbing hip-hop beats, tight drums, smooth grooves, and a slick dash of wicked electro thrown in for good measure.

Irving Plaza, the legendary New York City venue, will become a hub of supercharged electronic, beat bopping energy. Featuring a packed dance floor youl struggle to find room on, dazzling lights overlaid with super, cutting lasers, and an absolutely hyped up crowd, ready and willing to lose themselves in the beats and words of these masters.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of Cash Cobain, the Slizzy Gang, or just looking for an awesomely epic party, Slizzyfest has something for you. It's the perfect opportunity to catch rising stars before they explode onto the mainstream scene. Don't miss your chance to be part of history! Tickets are selling fast, so grab your crew and head to Slizzyfest for a night of music, energy, some seriously smoked up memories, plus a birthday-bash you won't ever forget. It's the perfect way to kick off your spring in the city that pushed urban music to the stratosphere and beyond, New York City.

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Irving Plaza

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