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The Japanese alt-metal rockers, SiM, are hitting the stage across North America, following the massive release of their hard-rockin' album "PLAYDEAD". Renowned for their roster of bangers - "Evils", "Crows", "A / The Sound of Breath", "The Rumbling", and "Under the Tree", the powerhouse band is kicking off their very first North American headlining tour with special guests Fame on Fire and Within Destruction. Electric, catchy, and bangin' hard at every beat, the metalcore rockers threaten global airwaves with their awesome music. The album also shares a slew of fan favorites - "KiSS OF DEATH", "SAD SONG", "SWEET DREAMS", and many more. It's all coming to you, live on stage at Irving Plaza on Thursday, May 23. Right before summer hits, SiM is raising hell in NYC. Offering its blood-stained records for the first time live in North America, it's surely a moment you can't miss. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Get ready to enter a blood-stained world, SiM is taking its hellishly awesome new album to the stage, at their first-ever headlining tour in North America. Hailing from Japan, the metalcore rockers are stoked to share their roster of hits and fan favorites with their fans from the rockin' west. Driven by their electric strings and heart-pounding beats, the Japanese alt-metal masters truly offer unique bangers in the scene.

In support of their newest LP "PLAYDEAD", the band's first-ever North American tour is bound to elevate and share their music with their fans from the other side of the world, an unforgettable experience of raising hell!

"We’re super excited to announce our first-ever headline tour in North America! Have you guys checked out our latest album “PLAYDEAD” which is filled with nu-metal bangers? I can’t wait to see you guys in da pit!" SiM vocalist MAH shared.

You might have heard "The Rumbling" from Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2, so yep, they're the hard rockers behind the fan-favorite anime soundtrack. Live on stage, they surely know how to command the stage and deliver a hellishly awesome night.

Here's a recap of PLAYDEAD's tracklist so you can chant and scream every single word back to the band at their first headlining tour in the U.S.

2. RED
3. HiDE and SEEK
5. Die Alone
1. Sad Song
2. BBT
4. Not So Weak
5. UNDER THE TREE (Full-Length Ver.)
6. The Rumbling (Orchestra Ver.)

"In a mishmash of punk, hardcore, SKA, nu-metal, and metalcore—they have created an album that is cohesive, heavy and an all-around magnificent listen," JROCK NEWS shared in its review of PLAYDEAD.

Make it a night they'll truly never forget. It's bound to be wild. They're raising hell, and ya'll should be set to fuel the fire. While there's no official word of what the setlist is, it's surely gonna have their newest hits and all-time fan favorites.

Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

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