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American rock band Set It Off just unveiled big things for 2024. They’re going on a 32-date run across North America, including a stop in New York City. With the recent release of their album and their newfound independence from a record label, this tour is definitely something you’re going to want to see. So, when they land in the city, be sure to show your support!

Set It Off will rock the stage at the Irving Plaza on Saturday, the 23rd of March, 2024. The band will be joined by very special guests Crown The Empire, DeathbyRomy, and Caskets across all the tour dates - making it an even better experience for all punk rock enthusiasts. So, circle the date on your calendars and make time to see this show!

Tickets to see Set It Off in New York City are on sale right now. Go ahead and grab your tickets before it’s too late!

Set It Off Tickets from $56

Set It Off is flipping the script and embracing their newfound independence. No more chains holding them back, no more dancing to the tune of societal pressures and online critics. They're shedding the disillusionment that plagues artists in the 21st century. Say goodbye to puppetry, and hello to a new era where freedom trumps the fear of failure.

These three—Cody Carson (singer/lyricist), Zach DeWall (guitarist), and Maxx Danziger (drummer)—are making music as a cathartic release. And boy, their recent singles are a testament to that! From the dramatically theatrical "Evil People" to the nu-metal vibes of "Punching Bag," Set It Off is here to stay, breaking genre barriers along the way.

Independence has lit a fire under them, bringing back the spark they felt during their debut record, Cinematics (2012). Cody, Zach, and Maxx are all about breaking the dopamine loop and creating music and visuals straight from the heart. Over a decade later, their sincerity still resonates, earning them spots on radio stations like Sirius XM’s Octane—now, that's a flex they're proud of.

What's on the horizon for Set It Off? Brace yourself for a bunch of new singles in 2024 and a live show that's getting a serious upgrade. But most importantly, get ready for the continued evolution of one of the hardest-working rock bands out there. And guess what? This time, they're the ones calling the shots.

Not to mention, the band’s also gearing up for a 32-date run across North America. They’re bringing their newfound independence and honest music to all their fans. If you’re one of their supporters in New York City, you’re in luck! The band’s going live in the city on Saturday, the 23rd of March, 2024. The show will be held at the iconic Irving Plaza, where some of the biggest names in music have played in the past.

Show your support for your favorite band as they find themselves and release their artistry! You’re all invited to come to their show in NYC. If you don’t have tickets yet, secure them right now. Do it before it’s too late!

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