Ripe – 2 Day Pass at Irving Plaza

Ripe - 2 Day Pass Tickets

Irving Plaza | New York City, New York

The time is now to click the Buy Tickets button below to get your tickets to watch the excellent alternative music sensation that’s sweeping the nation when the illustrious Irving Plaza hosts Ripe – 2 Day Pass to their concert hall for a limited-time event on Thursday 30th December 2021. This event brings a world-renowned and incredibly talented artist for a one-night-only event that is sure to leave this town begging for more. Ripe – 2 Day Pass is known for their passion, energy, and premier talent that guarantees that every performance will be unforgettable. But you can only see this excellent event if you get your tickets before they run out. To order your tickets now, click the Buy Tickets button below!

Ripe - 2 Day Pass at Irving Plaza

If you are on the fence about getting tickets to see an alternative music concert at the stunning Irving Plaza, then you must not have heard about all the breathaking features that the venue has. Besides the hottest artists who are invited to perform at their stage, the Irving Plaza offers everything that a music lover could ever want. The atmosphere and seating are both rich, warm, and comfortable so that you can fully focus on the awesome music on display. The acoustics and lighting have been carefully designed for an optimal viewing experience specifically created for the alternative genre. You can even enjoy drinks before the show from nearby vendors and bars that are ready to make your Thursday evening unforgettable. So secure your tickets for the most up and coming in alternaive music in New York City.

Ripe - 2 Day Pass at Irving Plaza

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