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Peter Cat Recording Co. are coming all the way from India to rock out at Irving Plaza this September, so grab your tickets now. The band is making their way across the US as part of their Good Luck Beta World Tour, which is traveling across North America, the UK, India, and Europe. You can get your tickets online right now, so hurry it up.

It has been a few years since Peter Cat has done much of anything. After touring the United States in 2023 and confirming in an interview that new music would be out within the year, they’re finally back - and better than ever. They just released a new song, People Never Change, and are touring the world with more new music to come. So, why are you not literally buying tickets right now? Like… right now. Buy your tickets. It’s worth it.

Peter Cat Recording Co. Tickets from $78

It all started in 2008. Peter Cat frontman Suryakant Sawhney was in San Francisco. There, he had a spiritual experience that would change his life forever. It’s not quite important what happened to him, what matters is the outcome: he decided to start a band. Fast forward to now, Sawhney fronts the now world famous Indian alternative rock band, Peter Cat Recording Co. To see him in action, get tickets to their New York City show - you won’t regret it.

Peter Cat Recording Co. has truly blossomed into something entirely new. Based in New Delhi, the band claimed themselves as “one of the last few remaining bands in India,” and for good reason. While there are a few exceptions, there aren’t really indie bands coming out of New Delhi, or anywhere else in the country for that matter. This makes Peter Cat’s success all the more baffling. Now world-famous, the band is touring the US before migrating to Europe, then moving back to India. Catch them at Irving Plaza this September 10th in NYC. It’ll be a real treat.

While nobody can seem to agree what genre Peter Cat seems to be, exactly, they can all agree that Peter Cat is something truly special. Blending genres is what they do best. Most notably, their music is found to have elements of psychedelic rock, jazz, disco, and a distinct Sinatra-esque sound. This combines to bring fans something never done before in Indian music, not to mention the rest of the world. It’s the type of music you really need to see to believe. Go see them live in New York City at Irving Plaza, you won’t be sorry. Tickets are on sale now, so get going!

Peter Cat are an anomaly. With their mixed cocktail of sounds from different cultural backgrounds, they stand out… but that’s not the only reason why they’re special. The Indian music scene is much different than the likes of America, England, or even South Korea. The most popular music genre in India by a landslide is Bollywood music, which is a far cry from Peter Cat’s eclectic, chaotic nature. Against all odds, they have captured the hearts of fans not just from India, but around the world. And it’s your heart they’re after next - get tickets to see them take on New York in September. They’re on sale now… what are you waiting for?

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