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New York City, get ready to welcome TikTok sensation Peach PRC. She's coming all the way from Adelaide, Australia, and she’s got some new songs to share. After spending an extensive amount of time on TikTok and growing a steady following, Peach began pursuing her ultimate dream - music. Her major label debut was in 2021 with the hit single “Josh.” Now, she’s touring the world with brand new pop anthems from her upcoming album, which is currently untitled. Want to see what all the hype is about? Get tickets to see Peach at Irving Plaza this summer!! You won’t regret it. Hurry before they sell out!!

Peach PRC is one of the most notable faces to come out of the TikTok music scene. While her goal has always been to become a musician, she first started out by posting videos on her social media pages, earning hundreds, thousands, and eventually millions of followers across all platforms.

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Peach documents her life through TikTok, giving fans insight into her daily lifestyle, her struggles with mental illness and addiction, and behind the scenes of her music career. Those select few TikTok fans who haven’t listened to her music yet are missing out. And while you’re at it, grab tickets to her show!

While everything may look all pink and glittery right now, Peach hasn’t had a necessarily perfect life thus far. On her social media pages, she is vocal about her struggles with mental health, touching on her BPD and ADHD diagnoses in sometimes humorous and often confessional posts. She keeps it real - and that’s what her fans love about her so much. Even on stage, she can be found cracking jokes and making conversation with the crowd like a natural. Still don’t believe me? Check her out this summer at Irving Plaza in NYC - you’re in for a treat. Get tickets now!

TikTok isn’t the only thing that Peach PRC is a natural at - her musical career has been borderline explosive from the very beginning. After finally getting signed to a major record label, Peach released the single “Josh,” which ended up being her first song to be registered Gold by the ARIA. Eventually, her later single “God Is A Freak” was certified as well with the help of a viral TikTok post. This year, she also won a Rolling Stone Australia Award for her song “Perfect For You.” and the list quite literally goes on. In case you don’t get what all the hype is about, you seriously need to grab tickets to her next show. Tickets are available online right now, so grab them while they’re here!!!

After a number of viral posts, a few Award nominations and some radio play, Peach PRC is ready to move on to bigger and better things. She just released a new single, “Secret,” and has more music coming on the way. In case following her on TikTok isn’t enough, check out her upcoming live performances. She’s coming all the way from Australia to perform across the US, so grab your tickets before they sell out! Don’t miss out, get tickets online today!!!

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