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Ocean Alley

Putting chaos under control with their most recent album "Low Altitude Living", the Australian alternative and psychedelic rockers at Ocean Alley are kicking off an exciting North American Tour slated for 2024. The "Touch Back Down" rockers will be hitting the stage at Irving Plaza on Saturday, June 22 this summer. Turning the heat up, they'll be performing their greatest hits, crowd favorites, and new anthems in an all-out electrifying night. Fans of the psychedelic rockers will be stunned by the band's astounding talent and awesome visuals that they'll be rockin' out on the stage. Formed in 2011, the band found an audience beyond their hometown in Australia, proving that they've got what it takes to make it big in the rock scene that's definitely alive and kicking. Amidst life's chaos, they're out here surfin' the waves, sharing their rockin' energy in oceans deep. Don't miss out on their North America Tour by booking your tickets now!

Since 2011, the indie rockers hailing from Australia started attracting an audience for their unique sonic character. Influenced by music by the likes of Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and Dire Straits, they began performing around Sydney and then releasing their debut EP "Yellow Mellow" in 2013. Since then, they've been hopping on non-stop tours, promoting their music, and serving rockin' nights as their fanbase continued to grow. 2016 marks a monumental era for the band, the release of their debut studio album "Lost Tropics". With two ARIA Platinum singles, "Holiday" and "Lemonworld", the band generated massive waves.

Now, the band's on their fourth studio LP, "Low Altitude Living". The album hit #3 and #5 on the Australian and New Zealand charts respectively. It features their newest hit anthems, "Deepest Darkness", "Home", "Double Vision", and "Touch Back Down". Kicking off a new tour and flying to North America straight from the land down under, their waves have definitely rocked the world.

This time around, they've become a global phenomenon for their rockin' hits that get listeners hooked for every record. Their live performances are also acclaimed, filled with energy that resounds every venue. Together, band members Baden Donegal, Angus Goodwin, Lach Galbraith, Mitch Galbraith, Tom O’Brien, and Nic Blom keep the Ocean Alley experience at its very best. Even though they're an independent band, they've generated massive waves, amassing over 800 million streams and selling close to a hundred thousand concert tickets, globally, in 2023.

In a conversation with Tracks Magazine, the band shares how surfing influenced their music, hence their name "Ocean Alley". "It definitely does. I guess just your lifestyle in general, being around the ocean," Angus said. "Obviously forms you as a person, which then translates into your music and the way you express yourself."

"Low Altitude Living" marks a new era for the band, sharing new sonic discoveries, much to the surprise of every listener. In an interview with Mixdown Magazine, Mitch shares that they've "probably spent the most time we have on this record than any other record, so it’s a bit nerve-wracking getting it out in the world to everyone else."

It certainly offers new sounds and perspectives, looking back from Ocean Alley's early days. With new drum loops, strings, and overall meticulous songwriting taking inspiration from waves of personal experiences, the band always gives us a reason to stay hooked.

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Ocean Alley at Irving Plaza

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