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Powerhouse Swedish DJ duo NOTD is heading back to the US! Bursting out of the scene in 2018 with their hit single "I Wanna Know" with Bea Miller, the progressive house hitmakers are switching things up with a couple of new releases and a much-awaited Winter Tour. NYC, get ready! Tobias Danielsson and Samuel Brandt are hitting the stage at Irving Plaza on Saturday, March 2 of the poppin' new year. Earlier this year, the EDM duo released their newest hits "AM:PM" with Maia Wright and "Occhi d'amore" with Veronica Maggio. As the world clings to the hope of a new record and even more new music, big surprises await as the boys launch their newest live trek. Known for their dancefloor bops that move the heart, every beat drop sends listeners to their poppin' sonic dimension. Their best hits, crowd favorites, and big surprises live on stage. Book your tickets now.

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The Swedish production duo NOTD is heading back to the US! Kicking off a highly-anticipated Winter Tour, the boys are taking a special stop at NYC, hitting the stage at Irving Plaza on March 2nd of the new year. Releasing a couple of new singles over the past months - "Worst Thing" with Kenzie, "AM:PM" with Maia Wright, and "Occhi d'amore" with Veronica Maggio, the EDM stars are set to keep the beat going as a new year invites big surprises - and new music.

Tobias Danielsson and Samuel Brandt broke into the scene when their 2018 single "I Wanna Know" featuring Bea Miller became a viral hit, now certified platinum by the RIAA. Since then, every thumping beat dropped by the duo became a dancefloor favorite, as every NOTD anthem not only gets you jumping to the beat, but feelin' all the feels as every track speaks to the heart.
Every thumping beat.

NOTD definitely takes their craft to heart. Not only do they produce tracks with tried-and-tested formulas for a wild night out, they tell real and authentic stories that people can feel. "Lyrically, there’s so much expression there and you can really feel that," Tobias shared with Atwood Magazine. "I feel like that plays a major part in how we produce and perform these songs. You know there’s something special there and you want to bring it out."

Years after the release of their biggest hits "So Close" and "I Wanna Know", the boys' music surely evolved through time. "As we’ve grown into our career and played our music for fans around the world, our music taste has also evolved," they shared in an interview with Unclear Magazine. They continue to stay true to their roots while striving to create something unique with new sounds and inspirations.

"I Wanna Know" marked a massive point in their career. It was their first and biggest hit, charting internationally and earning platinum certifications. "That was our first original song that blew up! We're really close friends with Bea too, so it would be super fun to do another song with her," Danielsson told PRIDE.

Can we expect a reunion? We sure hope so! With a new tour slated for the new year, we sure hope a couple more new music is coming right up. Dropping an astounding new single "AM:PM" with Maia Wright earlier this year, the duo is definitely cooking up something FIRE. The single follows the boys' debut EP "NOTED... EP". Sharing new sounds and some indie and alt-rock inspirations, it was one heck of an awesome ride.

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