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Irving Plaza | New York, New York

Neutro Shorty

Out of this world music will be rampaging in New York City as the Venezuelan rapper and singer Neutro Shorty delivers Latin Hip Hop like crazy with his Alien Life U.S.A Tour on Saturday, 30th of March, in Irving Plaza, New York. Leading the Latin music industry with his exceptional beats and versatile musicality, Neutro Shorty will spread his wings as he travels to North America for a 10-city tour, giving the fans a taste of Latin tunes that will make anyone groove. His distinct musical style and effortless mixture of genres put Neutro Shorty to greater heights as his music became more popular not just in Latin America but in the whole world, translating this heat to the live stages as he pops up his best hits that will make the fans raise their musical spirits including The World Is Mine, Soy Yo, and Lastima. Catch Neutro Shorty live for a Latin musical ride as he turns the tides that will make the fans go wild. Secure your tickets now!

An unidentified flying object is spotted in New York skies, but it brings an explosive and unique musical style as the Venezuelan artist Neutro Shorty descends from the skies to deliver the Alien Life U.S.A Tour on Saturday, March 30, at Irving Plaza, New York. Brace yourself for a spectacular night as Neutro Shorty defies the music guides as he unleashes his unique style in his live performance for the fans on hype.

As one of the leading artists in the Latin music industry, Neutro Shorty caught the music ears of the fans with his exceptional talents in his music and beats, as well as his unorthodox genre that makes him different from the other mainstream artists now. As Neutro Shorty goes global, he’s on track to bring the 10-city tour to Northern America, having its stop at the New York City plaza for a night of Latin pop that makes the jaws of the fans go drop with the live performance on hand.

Neutro Shorty had his beginnings as an underground rapper, then transitioned to the Latin Pop scene as he released his first studio album in 2016 titled El Neutro. With his unmatched performance skills, sound music, and versatility as an artist, the Venezuelan star rose to the peak of the Latin music industry, dropping banger after banger of his music creations with his hit songs including The World Is Mine, Soy Yo, and Lastima. Garnering over 1.2 billion views on YouTube and hundreds of millions of streams on different musical platforms, Neutro Shorty is undeniably a hit that became more prominent in the scene with his collaborations with the best artists, including J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Ozuna, and many more. Now, Neutro Shorty is ready for the bigger stage as he unveils his Alien Life U.S.A Tour to the race, treating the New York fans with an immense energy and performance that you have never witnessed before.

The Alien Life U.S.A. tour will be hosted in Irving Plaza, the home of the most awaited events in New York City. A spacious hall, multifunctional facilities, a high-tech stage, and state-of-the-art sound and lighting are the packages you will get as Neutro Shorty hypes the 1,200 fans for one night of Latino heat on the site, bringing seamless but explosive vibes to the fans with his music. Mark the dates and grab your tickets now!

Neutro Shorty at Irving Plaza

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