Max & Iggor Cavalera at Irving Plaza

Max & Iggor Cavalera Tickets

Irving Plaza | New York City, New York

Sepultura founders, Max and Igor Cavalera, made the headlines recently due to incredible news! The brothers responsible for one of Brazil’s biggest heavy metal exports are re-recording their first two studio releases Bestial Devastation and Morbid Visions! The band took over the ‘80s and early ‘90s with their remarkable groove and death-infused thrash metal staples! In light of this excellent development, the brothers are also embarking on a highly-anticipated U.S. tour from summer to fall! The duo is bringing their brand of metal across 40 major cities! On Wednesday 27th, September 2023, the brothers will make a coveted stop at Irving Plaza in New York City! Fans can look forward to experiencing hard-hitting tracks, which may include a number of Sepultura hits! If you’re keen on seeing the musicians behind the legendary metal band from Brazil, then you should hurry and score tickets now to catch Max and Igor Cavelera at the Irving Plaza this September!

Max & Iggor Cavalera at Irving Plaza

In 1984, Max and Igor Cavalera founded a band after being inspired by Black Sabbath’s 1972 effort, Black Sabbath Vol 4. They named the band Sepultura, which translates to “Grave” in Portuguese. This name was an homage to Motorhead’s “Dancing on Your Grave,” a song that the brothers listened to avidly during their youth. Armed with influences from their idols, Black Sabbath, Kreator, Megadeth, and Slayer, and fueled by the angst behind their father’s passing, the brothers established a tight line-up and recorded music. After signing their first record deal, they released the EP Bestial Devastation in 1985, followed by their debut album, Morbid Visions, in 1986.

The band moved on to release several highly-acclaimed studio efforts. In 1991, they made their first international breakthrough with the release of their fourth album, Arise. The album entered the Billboard 200 and charted in five other countries. Two years later, the band’s follow-up album Chaos. A.D. found even more commercial success. The 1993 record soared to number 32 on the Billboard 200 and sold over 500,000 copies in the U.S., earning gold in the process.

By 1996, Max Cavelera worked on his last album with Sepultura. The vocalist/guitarist released the sixth studio effort, Roots, and departed to pursue other projects. The album became one of the band’s most successful releases and the first record to go number 1 in the U.K. Later. It earned gold status in seven countries, including the U.K. and U.S. Igor Cavalera continued performing with the band until 2006. He released his last album with Sepultura, Dante XXI.

Last year, Max and Igor Cavalera went on the road for the Return Beneath Arise Tour. The duo not only delivered fan service to old-school listeners and showed newer fans fantastic Sepultura classics. The shows featured a hybrid setlist comprising songs from the 1989 effort Beneath the Remains and the 1991 album Arise.

This 2023, fans can look forward to a more expansive setlist as the brothers perform songs from the first two releases, Morbid Visions, and Bestial Devastations! If you’re keen on attending this once-in-a-lifetime gig featuring the brains behind Sepultura, then hurry and score your tickets now!

Max & Iggor Cavalera at Irving Plaza

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