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Fans of romantic Spanish music are in for a treat at the Irving Plaza on the 28th of June 2024. Mexican pop band Matisse is slated to headline the event that’s taking place on that Friday. The trio have been stirring up emotions amongst their fans for the better part of 10 years now. They’re headed to New York City for the first time to see if they can’t do the same to folks in the Big Apple. This can be one of the best date night ideas for the summer in NYC, especially for couples who are fans of this Spanish pop band.

A lot of these Mexican pop bands that sing romantic songs are finding it hard to stay afloat thanks to the emergence of corridos and Mexican regional music. While this is mainly bad news for these bands, it could mean that the date at the Irving Plaza on the 28th will be more relaxed and will feature the romantic vibe that you may be looking for. If this seems like a good date night idea for you, make sure to hit the get tickets button to secure your spot.

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Matisse was essentially a creation of some of the biggest names in Spanish pop music. The way the band was formed also has some traditional touches, if you will. Pablo and Roman met in Guadalajara, although they were both from Baja California. They moved to Mexico City and found a contact there with Sony Music. They were writing some songs for the top names in Spanish pop. Today the band still has a lot of those influences from bands like Sin Bandera. Many of these artists, though, are no longer on tour as much. There aren’t too many options if you’re looking for a romantic experience with a Spanish band in NYC apart from the date at the Irving Plaza on the 28th of June!

Speaking of Sin Bandera, Matisse the name of the band, came about when the still duo Pablo and Roman saw a painting from Henri Matisse in Leonel Garcia’s recording studio. Garcia is one half of Sin Bandera! They finally became a trio when Carlos Rivera saw a cover of one of his own songs by Melissa Robles on YouTube. Just like the stories in the love songs they’ll play in the last days of June, you need a little luck for fate to intervene for some things to come together!

The song “Mas Que Amigos” from their debut album way back in 2015 is still one of the band’s most popular tracks. They’re likely going to play a version of it in NYC in June. This can be a perfect opportunity to tell your crush or your “best friend” how you truly feel! If they didn’t already get the memo when you bought the tickets and invited them to a Matisse concert.

If you really want to live out a romantic experience with Matisse, the bottom-floor tickets at the Irving Plaza are the place to be. Make sure that you arrive at the venue early so that you can find room near the stage. People around you are probably also going to be there looking for some romance. That’s going to help avoid some of the pushing and shoving that’s typical at the Irving Plaza in other events. Matisse promises to set the mood just right so you can make that move!

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