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Latin Grammy winner Lasso is taking his “Quedarse Solo Para Siempre” US Tour to the Irving Plaza in NYC on Sunday, 29th September 2024. Lasso won that Latin Grammy in 2023 for his song “Ojos Marrones.” That’s still the main banger that’s going to get the crowd singing on this Sunday night at the Plaza. The Venezuelan singer, though, has been around the Latin music scene for a long time. This might be the perfect opportunity to rediscover some of his old music. Plus, it promises to be a show that the ladies are going to love. Lasso has garnered quite a female following over the last few years, especially when his flagship track hit it big!

If you want to have a chance to see the Forever Alone Tour or “Quedarse Solo Para Siempre,” it does sound less sad in Spanish, click the get tickets button. Find the best spot at the Irving Plaza and get ready to potentially cry on this Sunday night.

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Lasso’s first album dates all the way back to 2009. Yet, most people have only known him for the last two years or so. “Ojos Marrones” for which he won the Latin Grammy was released in 2022 as a single and as part of his 2023 album “Eva.” By the time the full album came out, though, the song was already in everyone’s head. In fact, the album featured a remix version of the track with Sebastian Yatra. On this night at the Plaza, though, Lasso could dig deep into his bag of tricks and pull out one of the songs from his early albums, like “No Pares de Bailar.” At that stage of his career, a Lasso with an emo-looking hairdo was adding some Caribbean beats to his music.

Romance is going to be in the air on this night at the Irving Plaza. This might be one of those concerts that your significant other wants to go to, but you’re not a massive Lasso fan. The best thing that you can do is prepare for this night. At the very least you gotta learn the lyrics to “Ojos Marrones.” The biggest cheers on the night are going to come when Lasso starts singing “Es la primera vez. que invito a alguien desde que te fuiste.” There’s a good chance that you’re not even going to hear that line over all the screams. Lasso is also going to be one of those artists that might get too much attention from the fans right next to the stage. Security needs to be alert to make sure ladies don’t pull him down to the standing-room-only area. It’s gonna be an interesting night for sure.

Irving Plaza may not be known for the memorable Latin music shows that have taken place here over the years. This Lasso concert could start to change things, especially because the man knows how to command the stage and will get the people standing in the front all riled up. If you want to have a calmer experience, pick a spot in the loft area or the higher le

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