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Irving Plaza | New York, New York

Kim Dracula

The alternative/indie music ripples to the Big Apple! Kim Dracula will be taking over the night as they bring the “America’s Gradual Decline In Morale Tour" on Sunday, 10th of March at Irving Plaza, New York. Rocking with the premiere artists Jeris Johnson and Tallah, feel the bombastic rock splash as Kim Dracula releases the post-grunge madness everyone is waiting for. First known for their booming Tiktok following, Kim Dracula is now ready to bring it up to live stages, hitting every note perfect for a spectacular rock experience you don't want to miss out on. Highlighting their recent album titled “A Gradual Decline In Morale” consists of 20 songs”, the compilation of aggressive metal songs will be on the list as they fire up the stage with electrifying guitar riffs. No blood will be shed; only the abrasive rock experience will be the sole interest as Kim Dracula treats the fans with a wonderful music party experience. Grab your tickets now!

An absolute blast is waiting for the New York Fans with Kim Dracula dropping their “America’s Gradual Decline In Morale Tour" on Sunday, 10th of March at Irving Plaza. Together with the iconic artists Jeris Johnson and Tallah, prepare for the hard metal fest as Kim Dracula delivers the ballistic live performances for the fans in attendance.

Following the release of their debut album “A Gradual Decline In Morale,” Kim Dracula is hitting the road this time for a night of pure rock strides. The 14-date tour will follow Kim Dracula’s rule, dropping one show to the city of New York to treat the fans with a climactic turn of alternative rock slur.

Samuel Wellings, famously known as Kim Dracula, is a breakout star from Australia. The surge started with a viral TikTok cover of “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga that gathered over 6 million views on different social media platforms nationwide. Their wide range of talents and unbelievable musicality drive them to the spotlight as they enter the Billboard Emerging Artists chart. They released singles, including “Make Me Famous” and “Drown”, that earned recognition in Rock Sound Magazine for their genre-defying style. Now, the release of their debut album, “A Gradual Decline In Morale,” has sparked a nationwide tour that will not just introduce fans to their music but also showcase their mind-bending musicality that will put fans on a rock-centric musical experience.

Along with Kim Dracula, they will be joined by the rockstars Jeris Johnson and the nu-core band Tallah. Turning to a pop music guru, Jeris Johnson’s rock spirits will still be on the cruise as his diverse musicality will be the opening for this one-night rock show. His iconic songs “When The Darkness Comes” and “Kryptonite” will be online as Jeris Johnson opens the night with a bang. Also, a mix of rock genres will be blessing the stage as the premiere band, Tallah, delivers their gnarly riffs for the fans to see. Featuring their songs “Overconfidence” and “Telescope”, get hype as they open the night for the most-awaited Kim Dracula masterclass.

Irving Plaza will be the home of Kim Dracula’s “America’s Gradual Decline In Morale Tour" as they tune up for the best musical night. With its elegant structures, contemporary ambiance, and state-of-the-art concert production, fans over 1,200 will be ready to go as they prepare for an all-out live rock show. The moon is shining, but the artist in the center ring, Kim Dracula, is delivering the best rock music fest for an incredible musical experience. Get your tickets now!

Kim Dracula at Irving Plaza

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