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Ready to relive your punk days as a moody teen? If you’re going to be in NYC on Sunday, July 7th, head to the Irving Plaza to see Jose "Pepe" Madero live! The former lead singer of Mexican punk rock band Panda or PXNDX as they go by now, is taking his "En Directo Tour" to the States, singing all of the hits that scarred an entire generation of teens. Even though he’s not touring with the band anymore since he’s the founder, he owns all the rights, so expect to rock out to “Los Malaventurados No Lloran” or “Narcisista Por Excelencia” that first weekend of July.

The show Pepe puts on is filled with nostalgia. Don’t be alarmed if that ex whom you dedicated some of his songs to during your teen years comes crawling back into your memory. It’s all part of the experience; just let it flow! Make sure to bring some buddies along who also want to rock out and relive the glory days. Click the get tickets button now to guarantee you’ll be there at the Irving Plaza over the summer.

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Like many bands from the 90s that played into the 2000s PXNDX had its ups and downs with internal battles. Some of the members came and went over the years. Around the mid 2010’s Pepe was just fed up and went on his solo career. He’s released a couple of albums that feature his signature vocals. Some of the songs, however, kind of lack those harder rock tunes that PXNDX was known for. When you put up some of the lyrics, even from the band’s glory days, and pair them with a ukulele playing in the background, you realize they are actually awkward-sounding love songs!

Don’t worry too much about Madero’s solo career popping up during the show at the Irving Plaza in July, though. He’ll likely try and fit in something like “Plural Siendo Singular,” which is one of the “popular” songs from his solo career. He gets though; he’s been a frontman his whole career and understands that most of the people who will show up to the concert on July 7th are there to see him sing PXNDX’s greatest hits. Plus, the Irving Plaza is a venue that’s perfectly tailored for rock concerts. The floor area is where most people gather to watch the show. If you’re worried about getting pushed around when some of the “rowdy” songs from the band come on don’t let that deter you from heading to the show.

Keep in mind that, like you and your friends, the people likely headed to this show were in their teens in the early 2000s. Sorry to break this to you, but you’re not that young anymore! The folks around you also won’t want to be pushed around and get wild like the old days. There may be a few, but security at the Irving Plaza does their job well and will ensure that everything stays on the safe side on that Sunday night.

Chances are you never got the opportunity to be stage side at a PXNDX concert in your teens! Now that you’re an adult, this can be the moment when you live out your childhood dream. Make sure to get your tickets as quickly as you can and, above all else, get there early on the day of the event. That way, you’ll have a better shot at finding a spot to see Pepe Madero up close!

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