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One of the nation's hottest up-and-coming country singer-songwriters is marking his first-ever headlining trek. The Big Machine Records artist hailing from Maryland is bound to share his hot bangers on the live stage. Kicking off the "Head Full Of Noise Tour", the man is bringing along special guests Dee White, Mae Estes, and Grace Tyler. As a milestone in his career, the man's debut trek includes a special stop at Irving Plaza, NYC, on Thursday, April 11 of the new year. Dropping his sophomore single "Fearless (The Echo)" off of his debut album "Greenbroke", the single continues to climb the country charts, at the top 25. As people start discovering the awesome young lad, his music speaks for itself. We're right in front of the next big thing. Dean looks forward to sharing his music in awesome venues, so be part of the man's first-ever headlining tour by booking those tickets now.

Jackson Dean just posted a slew of destinations and awesome venues for his first-ever headlining tour. Kicking off his debut "Head Full Of Noise Tour" this 2024, the "Fearless" artist is taking his career to the next level. Bringing along special guests Dee White, Mae Estes, and Grace Tyler, he looks forward to giving everything he's got. With two poppin' country singles blessing airwaves - "Don't Come Lookin'" and "Fearless (The Echo)", the Big Machine Records-signed artist is stoked to share his music and have a great time on stage.

"I’m really looking forward to this tour," Dean shared. "we’re playing some pretty awesome venues with some killer artists. Me and the boys will give you everything we’ve got—hope to see you there."

Earlier this year, Jackson dropped his sophomore single "Fearless (The Echo)" off of his debut album "Greenbroke". A soaring track that showcases his powerful vocal range and capability to sing with great emotion, the man matches it up with an action-packed video set in 1863.

"We wanted strong visuals to really draw people in, and I think the action-packed nature of the video, along with the cinematic vibe of it being a period piece, makes it almost feel like a short film," he told CMT. The star's family members were cast for the video, performing wild roles in the mini-movie set that depicts an 1863 battle with wolves to get medicine in the other side of town. "There were some epic moments with my brother that I'll never forget... Across the board, filming this was an incredible experience."

Jackson Dean might just be one of the industry's best-kept secrets. As the man continues to soar the charts and grab new attention, he's bound to be the next big thing. As his new single continues to gain traction, Dean reflects on how powerful the song is.

"We played over 100 something shows last year and each night ‘Fearless’ was one of my favorites to perform... I always felt a special connection and energy from the audience with it," he shared, as cited from a press release by Big Machine. "It was really cool to get the opportunity to re-record and hear how I’ve grown vocally over the last few years—I love that the new version sounds a lot more like our live shows."

Soaring with energy, the man is definitely "fearless". With a big headlining trek coming right up, celebrate his one of his career's biggest milestones by booking your tickets now.

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