Intervals & Hail The Sun at Irving Plaza

Intervals & Hail The Sun Tickets

Irving Plaza | New York, New York

Intervals & Hail The Sun

Gear up because Intervals & Hail the Sun are kicking off a Spring tour this year and it’s taking them across various cities in the nation! If you’re a fan living in New York City, we’ve got good news for you. The band is headed straight to you! We’ve got all the details about the upcoming show right here, so keep reading to get the insider scoop.

Intervals & Hail the Sun will perform a co-headlining show at the Irving Plaza on Friday, the 5th of April, 2024. You’re certain to have a blast at this show, with two awesome bands coming to the stage. So, you better get yourselves ready to come to this show. Call up all your fellow fans and tell them you need to see this!

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Check out Hail The Sun – this rad group of progressive post-hardcore musicians from Chico, CA, who first crossed paths while nerding out over music tech studies. Picture drummer extraordinaire Donovan Melero and guitarist Aric Garcia (who rocked out in a death metal band during high school) cooking up their unique sound. Their vibe? Originally, they aimed for high-energy tunes, steering clear of just screaming to convey emotions. Shane Gann and John Stirrat jumped on board, spicing up the mix with influences from jazz, funk, blues, fusion, and Latin styles. Yep, they're all about pushing creative boundaries.

These guys have been hitting the road for three years straight, showcasing one of the most high-energy live shows you'll ever see. Imagine a drummer who also takes the mic, belting out tunes while throwing down mind-bending rhythms. The rest of the crew? They're the visual frontmen, keeping the crowd hooked as attention effortlessly bounces from one member to the next.

Meanwhile, we’ve got Intervals. The band is now streaming their new single "Mnemonic," and it's fantastic, just like everything guitarist Aaron Marshall has ever done. Sure, it shreds, but Marshall's songwriting and musical instincts shine brightly. Marshall also mentions that a new record is on the way, however no details are known at this time.

"Circadian came out in November of 2020, and we didn't get to perform any of the material for a whole year after its release, given the circumstances, so having new music dialed in, and being able to perform it right away is super exciting for the team right now. This one is just a taste… I can't wait to show everyone the rest of the new record!" Marshall said about the band’s upcoming performances.

These two awesome bands are coming together in New York City and you wouldn't want to miss it! Mark your calendars for the 5th of April, 2024 because it's all going down at the Irving Plaza. Be sure to attend this fantastic hardcore show! Tickets are still available right now!

Intervals & Hail The Sun at Irving Plaza

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