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Irving Plaza

Everybody, and I mean everybody – report to the dance floor, as the one and only Miss HyunA is back! OMG, OMO! Stan Kpop? Then you must book your tickets now for Hyuna at the Irving Plaza on Saturday, August 10, 2024!

The South Korean Kpop idol: singer-songwriter, rapper HyunA is bringing her My attitude 2024 tour to North America this fall! Get ready to dance your socks off, HyunA is one of the hottest idols around. The idol first debuted as the rapper in Kpop girl group Wondergirls in 2007 and their single Nobody was one of the first Kpop singles to rank in US charts! Hyuna argueably was a pioneer in bringing Kpop to the world! Over the years HyunA has been a part of several groups and debuted as a solo artist, charting at number 2!

HyunA is joined on her My Attitude tour by GroovyRoom & MIRANI.

Hyuna Tickets from $95

Tickets are selling fast! Trust us, you don’t want to miss this performance! HyunA is a chart-topping, cool, sexy fashion forward KPop queen. Her American A-ing fandom will love seeing her on stage.

HyunA is a very versatile performer, and since her debut as part of Wonder Girls, she's been making waves as one of the biggest names in K-pop! Famed for her music and her style, the singer-songwriter, dancer, model and rapper has made waves with her sexy style, bold fashion choices and signature songs! Her performances are a must see for any k-pop stans!

GroovyRoom is a chart-topping award winning South Korean DJ duo. The pair are music producing and composing artists: Park Gyu-jeong and Lee Hwi-min. Known for their 'groovy everywhere' tag, and hip-hop, boom bap and trap songs.

Mirani (Kim Yoon-jin) is a South Korean songwriter and rapper, who first rose to fame on the TV show Show me the money 9. Since then she's been making music and making waves in the scene.

GroovyRoom will be supporting HyunA at the cool-it-girls performance on the August 10th 2024, at the Irving Plaza in New York. With limited dates on her tour - tickets for this Kpop queen's show are selling fast, don't miss your chance!

Are you an A-ing, BLINK, ReVeluv, Atiny? No matter what fandom you belong to - fans of Kpop artists need to get your tix now! If you like Kpop music or bands such as K.A.R.D, Black Pink, Psy, Mamamoo, Dawn, APink then you’ll love Hyuna! The fashionista and former member of Wondergirls, 4Minute (Korean: 포미닛), 4Tomorrow (포투모로우), Trouble Maker (트러블메이커; also as JS&HyunA and Triple H (트리플 H) is coming to New York this August!

Don’t miss your chance to experience the kpop idol sensation live at the Irving Plaza on Saturday 10th August 2024 – get your tickets now! Let’s go, let’s move it, fighting!

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