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Following the release of their latest album Why Would I Watch, Hot Mulligan announced a series of shows for the fall season. The tour will be highlighting the 2023 effort, as well as songs from their releases! Beginning in November, the band sets out 30 shows across North America, including a highly-anticipated stop in New York City! Hot Mulligan will showcase their unique brand of pop-punk staples as they conquer the Irving Plaza on Wednesday, 15th November 2023! Watch out for Why Would I Watch’s hits, such as “Shhhh! Golf is On” and “Gans Media Retro Game.” The band will also be performing their iconic hits, such as “Feal Like Crab,” “All You Wanted By Michelle Branch,” and “I Fell In Love with Princess Peach.” The Why Would I Watch Tour brings along some special guests, such as Heart Attack Man, Ben Quad, and Spanish Love Songs! Catch Hot Mulligan and their special guests at the Irving Plaza by securing your tickets now!

Hot Mulligan recently made waves overseas with their first-ever European tour in spring. During the summer, they also appeared at the Sad Summer Festival Tour. Their exhilarating performance left fans wanting more. It’s only logical that the band sets out on a headlining tour this fall to promote their hot new record, Why Would I Watch. The pop-punk icons released their latest album earlier this year. Immediately, tracks such as “Shhh! Golf is On,” “Gans Media Retro Games,” and “No Shoes in the Coffee Shop (or Socks)” stood out to fans. These tracks quickly amassed millions of streams across music platforms.

The Michigan natives have been performing emo and pop punk staples since 2014. The band dropped their debut EP, Fenton and Honest & Cunning, in 2015. Two years later, they came out with Opportunities. By 2018, the band had released their debut album, Pilot, which spawned singles, “All You Wanted By Michelle Branch,” “How Do You Know It’s Not Armadillo Shells,” and “The Soundtrack to Missing a Slam Dunk.” In 2020, Hot Mulligan dropped You’ll Be Fine, which features the single “Feal Like Crab.”

This 2023, fans can look forward to hearing these incredible pop-punk staples during Hot Mulligan’s Why Would I Watch Tour. The band will be performing a healthy mix of new and old singles, plus a plethora of non-album tracks. Their recent show during their Sadsummer Festival appearance showcased an extensive setlist featuring songs from Acoustic Vol 2 (EP), You’ll Be Fine, Pilot, I Won’t Reach Out to You (EP), and plenty of hits from Why Would I Watch.

Hot Mulligan’s fall tour brings along punk rock powerhouse Heart Attack Man, who came out with their latest album, Freak of Nature. Meanwhile, Ben Quad also joins the tour and will highlight their latest mini album, I’m Scared That’s All There Is. Lastly, Los Angeles-born rock band Spanish Love Songs recently dropped their fourth album No Joy in the summer.

Catch Hot Mulligan and their fantastic special guests at the Irving Plaza on Wednesday, 15th November 2023! The iconic venue in New York City has been deemed one of the most easily accessible concert halls in the city. In fact, Irving Plaza is a mere two-minute walk from NYC’s Union Square Station. In 2013, Irving Plaza was listed as one of the “50 Best Concert Venues of America.”

See Hot Mulligan light up the Irving Plaza along with special guests Heart Attack Man, Ben Quad, and Spanish Love Songs by securing your tickets now!

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