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Irving Plaza | New York, New York

Emo Night Brooklyn

Your home for wild nights of the best 2000s emo and pop-punk jams is coming right up. Your favorite DJs and emo acts are coming to rock it all out. The late-night dance party is bound to shake everyone's night, up until four in the freakin' morning. It's an awesome chance to SCREAM, DANCE, and RAGE with the crowd, from sundown to sunrise. Now, the raved party is heading to Irving Plaza for its ninth anniversary. It's gonna be a wild night! "The Elder Emo", "Ohio Is For Lovers", and "Sugar We're Going Down" - it's a hot spot for all your favorite classic hits. Get ready to scream your lungs out and join the mosh pit on an unforgettable night, celebrating nine years of wild nights in My Chemical Romance t-shirts, Vans, and eyeliner, it's the ultimate vibe. Need help scoring tix? We've got you covered.

SCREAM. DANCE. RAGE. It's all happening at Emo Night Brooklyn's nine-year anniversary. Staging the nation's hottest nights of jam-packed emo parties, it's a celebration you just can't miss. Taking your favorite DJs, artists, and bands on a wild night of non-stop emo rockin' till 4 AM, Emo Night Brooklyn's legacy continues to live on. For their ninth anniversary of shaking the scene up, it's a massive in NYC, right at Irving Plaza.

Get ready to join the mosh pit and scream your heart out. All of your favorite songs and emo rockin' tracks will be played, till the sun comes up. Having created fond memories and wild stories over the past nine years, Emo Night Brooklyn takes emo kids at heart to a basement-vibe party where everyone gets to be themselves, united in spirit by the power of music.

The hype is real. It's like stepping into a world where My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, and other emo-induced bands in a basement party. Every member of the crowd passionately jams and rocks the night out to the early 2000s emo hits.

It's 2024 but we're all looking back to the good ol' days of legendary emo and rock hits. Emo Night Brooklyn founders Alex Badanes and Ethan Maccoby share how their love for emo and pop-punk music sparked the big idea. "We became like, obsessed," Badanes told Brooklyn Magazine. "We went to so many shows and concerts over the years, and if we weren’t going to concerts, we were just blasting songs and moshing. We were huge fans. And we had these awesome parties in high school."

The two founders grew up together, meeting at just 2 years old in England. Moving to Boston for college, they started hosting parties that soon grew to become what Emo Night Brooklyn is today.

"We were just throwing these parties in our dorm rooms with all this emo and moshing," Badanes shared. "We were like, ‘Anyone that loves emo and pop punk, you’re cool.’"

Creating a community of emo and pop-punk lovers, the unstoppable duo brought their dorm room parties beyond their college lives. From their own apartments, the parties became too big, thus starting to rent out local bars to stage Emo Night Brooklyn.

People love partying to music they love, and Emo Night Brooklyn stands firm in its mission of sharing the magic with everyone. Don't miss out on the show's ninth-anniversary party at Irving Plaza on January 27. Book your tickets now!

Emo Night Brooklyn at Irving Plaza

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