Cumbiatron at Irving Plaza

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Irving Plaza | New York, New York


It’s the cumbia showdown you never knew you needed! New York City hosts one of the most highly-awaited raves this February, and it’s guaranteed to be a thrilling extravaganza! The Cumbiatron is an incredibly unique spectacle featuring many of the most sought-after cumbi electronic artists! This exhilarating line-up will indeed have you singing and dancing all night! Lucky for party fans in New York, the Cumbiatron is set to take over the Irving Plaza with iconic beats and tantalizing rhythms! Are you ready to celebrate the season with out-of-this-world cumbia tunes?! If you are, then better mark your calendars for Friday, 23rd February 2024, as the Cumbiatron conquers the premiere NYC hotspot, the Irving Plaza! Expect remarkable music, dance marathons, and kindred spirits as Cumbiatron ignites your soul with a ton of fantastic music from across the world! Hurry and secure your tickets now before you miss out!

Imagine a night of outstanding rave courtesy of the highly addictive and rhythmic genre, cumbia! Mexico’s favorite music will make its way to New York this February, and it’s slated to be the most exhilarating rave of the season! The Cumbiatron brings the top Cumbia performers from around the world to deliver one epic night of dance-worthy tracks and tunes! This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the infectious beats and melodies of the beloved music style. This one-of-a-kind concert brings all cumbia lovers to one premier venue to celebrate the love and passion that come from the music. This mind-blowing show guarantees to capture the very essence of cumbia, and it’s a chance for kindred souls to meet and enjoy the music together.

The Cumbiatron is a highly coveted concert that will conquer select major cities this winter.
Lucky for New York-based ravers, you are not going to miss out! If you’re keen on having a great night out, the Cumbiatron at the Irving Plaza on Friday, 23rd February 2024, is the perfect opportunity to unwind, relax, and enjoy high-energy music. The show will surely have dancing all night to exotic rhythms and quintessential Latin-inspired beats. Cumbia may have come from Mexico and Colombia, but its music can be enjoyed by all types of audiences.

So hurry and book a trip to the Irving Plaza on Friday 23rd February 2024. The venue has long become an established part of New York City’s bustling entertainment scene. Having hosted some of the most exciting concerts and events in the city, Irving Plaza is no stranger to providing guests with the best experiences. During Cumbiatron, fans expect top-tier lights, sound technology, excellent facilities, and great customer service. The venue also prides itself on its terrific location and easy accessibility. You can’t go wrong with spending your Friday night at New York’s top concert destination!

Go ahead and give yourself a treat by checking out the coveted Cumbiatron at the Irving Plaza on Friday 23rd February 2024! This show will surely be one of the most memorable events of the season, and you’re guaranteed to talk about the event for months and years to come! Hurry and secure your tickets now, and don’t miss out on the most exciting parties this winter!

Cumbiatron at Irving Plaza

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