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Hip-hop concerts at the Irving Plaza are always worth it! It gets even better when the headliner is one of the best up-and-coming artists in the genre. Bktherula is bringing her talents to the Irving Plaza on Tuesday July 16th as part of her “I Just Want to be Me Tour.” She’s also promoting her new album LVL5 P2. It’s not every day that you get to hear hip-hop from a woman’s perspective. The beats on the tour are going to have a little extra as well!

Dj Brandonnogood is going on tour with Bktherula. That partnership is going to take the event at the Irving Plaza to another level. You can expect both of them to be performing unique sets live. This won’t be a gig where the artist just hits play on their track and bounces around on stage. What better way to spend a Tuesday night than at the Plaza? Click the get tickets button to make sure you get to see Bktherula live.

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Women have never had an easy road in hip-hop music, but when hip-hop runs in the family, what can you do? That was the case for Bktherula. Born Brooklyn Rodríguez, her father carved out a music career of his own in a group called Planet X. They were based in Atlanta with Latin roots, all of those influences created an opportunity that was too good to pass up. Plus, Bktherula always had that flow to her. That was very evident from a young age. She started performing when she was only nine years old, and she would go on to release her own tracks on SoundCloud at 13! That’s why she’s a seasoned performer at 21, and that’s going to be evident when the Irving Plaza is rockin' on Tuesday, July 16th.

“Shakin It” her track with Cash Cobain is one of the perfect examples of what she brings to the genre. Lyrics from a female perspective that traditionally haven’t been too prominent in hip-hop. Especially as part of the “trap” genre, which she’s one of the major proponents of. Bktherula has beats and lyrics that anyone can enjoy. You can expect her to bring it on that Tuesday in the middle of July. Your guys are going to be trying to keep up with her as she busts out her rhymes. Even if p**** is one of the more prominent things that she raps about.

That’s a big part of the show. Getting together with a group of friends or just looking across the standing room at the Irving Plaza and watching some hard dudes sing along to these lyrics. That’s what true equality is about! Bktherula is right up there as one of the best female performers currently in hip-hop. In fact, she’s at the top, regardless of gender.

There’s something about the Irving Plaza that makes all of these hip-hop events unique. The artist on the stage gets that feeling back of being maybe at the bars or clubs scenes where they started. Yet, you’re playing one of the best venues in NYC. You won’t want to miss out on getting a chance to see one of the best up-and-coming hip-hop artists showcasing her new album LVL5 P2. Get your tickets before they start running out!

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