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Irving Plaza | New York, New York


Discover jazz music evolved this February 17th LIVE at the Big Apple’s Irving Plaza as deep house artist berlioz lights up the Saturday night vibes with his groundbreaking new tunes! Following the release of his eight singles, our featured act will circle North America’s biggest cities as part of his 17-date solo tour. Stealing the attention of “Neo Soul Queen” Erykah Badu is no easy feat, but London-based singer Ted Jasper is a man of untold talents. After taking up the alter-ego of berlioz for his latest string of releases, the artist invites all you jazzheads out there to join his movement born from entrancing EDM harmonies inspired by music legends in the likes of Miles Davis and Kanye West. Over 2 million streams and more than 4,000 vinyls sold — experience berlioz’s viral hits such as “deep in it” and “nyc in 1940” for the first time LIVE in the Irving Plaza’s arthouse atmosphere. Get your tickets today!

Plunge your ears deep into a soundscape overloaded with electrified jazz tunes to jumpstart your year of dreamy musical discovery. With the release of back-to-back singles, berlioz lists 17 dates for his much-awaited North American tour, spanning a month-long run beginning in mid-January and circling major cities until the tour’s sensational finale on February 17th here at New York’s Irving Plaza.

“Feeling like a breath of fresh air, Ted Jasper’s unique and varied sound almost transcends genre… Unapologetic in his ability to pull classic elements and sounds from our fave genres, his music is relatable, fresh, and even illuminating. Jasper’s talent is showcased in his production, singing, and songwriting facilities.”

London-based deep house singer-producer Ted Jasper has donned a new name — berlioz — and with it comes a soul-stirring new sound for all you classical jazz and EDM fans to dip your toes into. Listen to an innovative prospect from the UK’s jazz scene as he entrances you with the rivetingly cool electronica harmonies that earned a shoutout from the “Queen of Neo Soul” herself, Erykah Badu, with over 6 million monthly streams struck and over 4,000 vinyl records sold. Inspired by the likes of jazz legend Miles Davis and GRAMMY Award-winning hip hop icon Kanye West, berlioz’s music has taken over 177 countries in short order, and you’re about to experience the hows and whys in this groundbreaking live music event.

Though official setlists for the concert are still under wraps, word from the grapevine is that berlioz will debut his eight singles on stage during the tour’s run. See below for the complete list of released songs.

deep in it
jazz is for ordinary people
nyc in 1940
wash my sins away
hot house
la danse

Set off on a night of jazz-powered synth raves with berlioz LIVE this Saturday, February 17th, at the Irving Plaza, situated by the Union Square intersection of downtown Manhattan. Our ballroom-style hosting venue offers the perfect atmosphere for the EDM event — a seamless combination of underground arthouse and cutting-edge concert backdrop, with immersive indoor light setups and unparalleled acoustic fidelity. Tickets are out and selling fast - hit the link above and get yours now!

Berlioz at Irving Plaza

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