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New York City, get ready because one of the biggest names in the rap industry is coming your way! With top hits like “”Big Dog,” “Johnny P’s Caddy,” BRON,” “Oprah & Gayle,” “Kostas,” and “New Streets,” this very talented and confident rapper is sure to give you an unforgettable night of rap, hiphop music.

Benny The Butcher’s Everybody Can’t Go Tour is stopping at Irving Plaza in New York on Thursday, 25 April 2024!

A month after the release of his latest album, this artist decided to keep his fans on their toes as he announced his tour that is set to begin in April 2024. Explaining the title of his album and tour, Benny says, “Everybody can't go because they not cut like that. They not made like that. And you can't dance to every song, you know what I'm saying? […] Everything is not for everybody.”

For sure though, this concert is for everybody who knows how to appreciate music and this rapper’s talent. Book your tickets here!

Known for his storytelling through his music, Benny The Butcher has created a sold fanbase that just keeps growing. Having started in 2004 during which he printed 5,000 copies of his mixtape and gave them out for free to gain fans, Benny now has four studio albums and two collaboration albums (one with Dj Green Lantern and the other with 38 Spesh).

Benny said, "My talent comes from my preparation, and my talent comes from my confidence." Inspired by 90s rap, this artist knows that his skills and talent have brought him this far and will continue to bring forth his career. He confidently claimed that he is where he is because he raps good, not because he started dating someone famous.

The East Buffalo rapper's aggressive style and unwavering confidence could come across as arrogance to those who are unfamiliar with him. However, Benny’s supporters believe he has more than merited the title.

Benny is learning more about the pains of having celebrity status as he rises in the music industry. He acknowledges that dealing with anonymous criticism and trolls on X (previously known as Twitter) can be difficult. As Benny explained, "You have to remind yourself it’s only a fraction of the people. Their voice is so loud on social media that it tricks the artist into thinking that’s the general population that feels like that, but it’s not."

January 26, 2024, saw the release of Benny's fourth full-length studio album, Everybody Can't Go, under the Def Jam label, two years after Tana Talk 4 was released. Guest appearances on the album included Armani Caesar, Babyface Ray, Conway the Machine, Jadakiss, Kyle Banks, Lil Wayne, Peezy, Rick Hyde, Snoop Dogg, Stove God Cooks, and Westside Gunn. His latest album sounds like the smooth, polished early 2000s recordings of rappers like Jadakiss and Cam'ron that were just as intense as their underground hits, but were also lush and polished enough for the radio. Everybody Can't Go still sounds anti-commercial by 2024's standards, but there's value in listening to Benny skillfully navigate through the kind of stunning beats and instantly catchy hooks that were once popular songs. Hit-Boy and The Alchemist shared production duties on the album.

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