Benito Skinner & Mary Beth Barone at Irving Plaza

Benito Skinner & Mary Beth Barone Tickets

Irving Plaza | New York, New York

Benito Skinner & Mary Beth Barone

This is not your typical comedy! It's something much, much better! Are you ready to laugh at these besties' ridiculousness?! We totally are! The highly-rated comedians Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone are joining forces to present an exhilarating live comedy! What do you get when an improv star meets the master of skits? We get these two outrageous performers who slated to make everyone laugh until tears fall out! The duo has been an outstanding force on the Internet, and this winter, they’re set to embark on a major trek! One of their highly-awaited stops includes a show at the Irving Plaza, where they’re set to make their thrilling and hilarious discussions on stage! Benito Skinner, a master at skits, and Mary Beth Barone, an improv comedian, will combine their outstanding humor and make audiences laugh on Sunday, 17th December 2023! Expect the duo’s great chemistry and incredible knack for amusing and making people laugh to conquer the Irving Plaza! It’s a witty, informational, and just plain ridiculous live version of their entertaining podcast, and you should grab tickets now!

It’s not always about singing or stand-up comedy; sometimes, people just want to sit down and witness a great discussion about anything and everything under the sun! That’s why live shows featuring podcast hosts have been all the rage in 2023! The two besties, Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone, will deliver unprecedented comedy with great discussions at the Irving Plaza on Sunday, 17th December 2023!

They’re not exactly bimbos; they’re actually comedy masters at work!

Prepare to laugh, cry, be engaged, and be entertained! This spectacle is out of this world! If you've seen or heard their podcast, you'd know what we're talking about! It's unbelievable that a discussion between two people can be this invigorating. Well, that's what you get when two hosts are besties and have incredible chemistry – Not to mention their incredible knack for comedy! Well, it’s none other than two millennials and their banter! But it's a highly entertaining one!

A master at impressions and parodies, Benito Skinner has entertained millions of viewers worldwide. His YouTube channel has 40 million streams, making him one of the most-watched parody and skit performers online. Some of his most iconic impressions include his parodies of Lana Del Ray, Shawn Mendes, and Kourtney Kardashian. In 2018, he performed his debut sketch comedy show, Overcompensating, at the New York Comedy Festival. The show was a thrilling, sold-out success.

The sensational comedian and podcast host, Mary Beth Marone, has been featured in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Comedy Central. She’s known for her hilarious anecdotes, and younger audiences have found her incredibly relatable. Her bits about dropping out of college, dating, and old-fashioned romance have made her stand out in the comedy circuit.

The Irving Plaza is sure to provide attendees with one of the best nights out this winter. With its excellent facilities and great customer service, the theater is guaranteed to provide you with a great time! Moreover, it has a long-standing reputation in providing New York with the most exciting shows! So hurry and secure tickets to this highly-awaited show by clicking on the Get Tickets link now!

Benito Skinner & Mary Beth Barone at Irving Plaza

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