Benito Skinner & Mary Beth Barone at Irving Plaza

Benito Skinner & Mary Beth Barone Tickets

Irving Plaza | New York, New York

Benito Skinner & Mary Beth Barone

Cruise with besties Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone as they pull over at Irving Plaza on Saturday, December 16th! Our favorite queer hosts from the chatty “Ride” podcast are on the way for an exclusive performance at the Big Apple. You may recognize them from their initial Spotify podcast, “Obsessed,” which ended just last year. But this time around, they’ll be promoting their new spinoff, which has been praised as a more honest and raw version of their previous show that discusses viral and varied topics from science to gambling to French manicures and so much more! Skinner, better known as Benny Drama, dominated the internet with his celebrity impressions and pop-culture skewing skits. Meanwhile, Barone is best known for her appearances in MTV’s Punk’d, Black Mirror, and Comedy Central. Powered by Verizon 5G, the New York City venue hosting this live event stands at the forefront of sophistication and technology, as it features cutting-edge systems inside a grandiose music hall! Reserve your seats now!

Be there as “Ride” podcast hosts Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone take over the Irving Plaza on Saturday, December 16th!

“What makes the podcast so good, as well as what makes it underrated, is the fact that Skinner and Barone are educating their fans on serious topics while making it fun at the same time. Instead of berating people for their differing viewpoints, they try to understand where they’re coming from, taking careful consideration with their answers,” The Post Athens shares.

Benito Skinner hit the limelight with the release of his YouTube channel, “bennydrama7,” all the way back in 2017. Starting exclusively with vlogs, he transitioned into celebrity impersonations, and a few years later, his Kardashian impressions went viral, capturing the attention of the influential sisters and a solid global following.

On the other hand, Barone rose to stardom from comedy sets across the United States that highlighted her clever commentary on sensitive topics like gender roles, feminism, and queerness. Her rising profile resulted in booked performances on Comedy Central and the famous Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The two officially collaborated when they crossed paths during a comedy set just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. From there, their instant chemistry forged a friendship that eventually paved the way for their initial podcasting deal, “Obsessed,” which ran on Spotify for two years before ending in 2022.

“We have been totally blown away by the response to the podcast so far. The format is pretty loose – we usually open with what’s been on our minds lately, which can range from “What if Kourtney Kardashian only used references from 2016?” to “How do you start building a car?” Skinner answers when asked about the status of their current podcast titled Ride.

Park your rides down at the Irving Plaza, where the event will be heightened with the aid of the venue’s spacious music hall, sleek wooden floors, and stunning chandeliers! This destination is the perfect spot for the live podcast show, considering its top-tier sound systems that stretch toward every edge of the room. Don’t miss this chance to grab your tickets to Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone live on Saturday, December 16th!

Benito Skinner & Mary Beth Barone at Irving Plaza

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