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Rock at the Plaza is always a good idea! There are very few venues out there that allow you to live out a rock concert like it was always meant to be. Badflower is taking their No Place Like Home Tour to the Irving Plaza on Monday, September 16th. It’s shaping up to be a very promising rock fest.

Slothrust is going to be accompanying Badflower. They’re also very much an indie rock band in their own right. The vibe isn’t going to shift much by this point in the night. You and your friends are going to be looking for a spot next to the stage to sing along to some of the best songs since the opening acts.

Speaking of the opening acts, an interesting addition to this tour are Missio. This is a duo that’s more on the electric music side than indie rock. They may be used as a way to warm up the crowd with some chill beats before Josh Katz hits the stage, flaunting his blonde head of hair.

As mentioned, the show promises to be a good one. There aren’t too many better ways to spend a Monday night than at a rock concert at the Irving Plaza. If you want to ensure you’re in the crowd that night, hit the get tickets button now!

Badflower Tickets from $54

California kids Badflower really do hit a lot of the clichés that you would expect from an indie band from the West Coast. The frontman is a dude with dyed blonde hair who loves to let it hang out and get wild while he’s on stage. That alone is a sight to see and can make it worth the price of admission on Monday, September 16th.

Without a doubt, the band's fans are hoping to hear “Ghost,” the band's flagship track. The acoustic version is one of the best pieces of music they’ve ever put together. One of the cool things, though, is that this can be a show that you’ll enjoy even if you’re not a massive fan of these guys. Come with friends and get into indie rock on a Monday night.

That’s a perfect after-office idea. Slothrust is also bad and is going to produce its own energy. You love to see that from opening acts. They are not there just to make sure that people don’t get too uneasy until the main act takes the change. There’s a ton of riding for them on this tour to get their name out there to more potential fans. It’s also going to be interesting to see Missio fit into the mix. They may get special instructions from the headliners. What do you want to do for the night? Get the crowd some low chill beats as they’re shuffling into the Plaza? Maybe they’re looking for the opposite. These Badflower performances at the Irving Plaza are known to get wild.

Sure, it’s a Monday, but you should expect the standing-room area at the iconic venue to be pretty crowded. Last year, when Badflower hit up the Plaza, they had a big crowd in the standing-room area, pushing up against the stage. If you want to see these guys up close and personal, click that get tickets button first! Then, make sure that you get to the venue early to find a good spot. If you’re looking for a more tame experience, The Loft could be a good spot to be on that night. The upper-level tickets are also selling out fast, so act quickly to make sure you get a place that night.

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