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One of the hottest up-and-coming rappers of this generation is making it big. Straight out of Houston, independent artist AARON MAY is kicking off his first-ever headlining trek, The MAKEORBREAK NORTH AMERICAN TOUR 2024. This marks the man's debut to the touring stage, produced by Live Nation, visiting 14 cities in the run. Part of the tour is a special stop in New York, hitting the stage at Irving Plaza on Saturday, May 25th. Five years in the game garnering over 750 million streams for his hard-hitting bangers, the man has largely funded his success himself - steering away from offers of labels, standing firm in staying independent. He sure is the real deal. Some of his best hits and fan favorites include "Chains", "Understood", "Ride", "Yung Hustla (2K), and "Chase". He sure is a true artist by heart, because every single song and performance is crafted by the man himself. With no influence or direction from any label of some sort, it's always his creative vision taking the lead. Don't miss out on his headlining trek milestone, the MAKEORBREAK tour, by booking your tickets now!

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Straight out of Houston, Aaron May is one of this generation's hottest rappers in the game. Completely independent from any label of some sort, he's gained massive attention for his hard-hitting bangers, all through his personal efforts. Garnering over 750 million streams over the last five years, he chooses to keep it real - straying away from offers from labels by keeping his music independent. It all began when his debut video for "Ride" won praises on Reddit. At age 17, he wrote, recorded, and produced his own debut album "CHASE" - juggling the life of a high school kid with dreams, only with a few hundred dollars on his pocket. Now, Aaron May is celebrating another milestone in the game - his first-ever headlining tour, MAKEORBREAK North American Tour.

Produced by Live Nation, the trek will take the young artist across 14 cities in North America, marking his debut on the touring stage. Over the last few years, he won the hearts of fans across the country with his self-released anthems "Chains", "Understood", "Ride", "Yung Hustla (2K), "Chase", and many more. Led by his own vision, the man stands firm with his passion for making it big in the game, letting his creative freedom take the lead.

Authenticity is what sets Aaron May apart. He values writing about what he truly experience and feel. In a conversation with COMPLEX back in 2019, May shares why it's best for rappers to write what they experience in truth. "Especially with the stuff people be pushing out nowadays, with the street shit. I vibe with a lot of the new music that’s coming out, I got nothing against it but whatever you’re claiming, you’re going to get tested for it," he explains.

"If you come out saying what you are from the start and that’s what you are, there’s no way your career can ever fail," he added. Five years in the game, completely independent, he definitely kept it real.

In an article by The Daily Targum, writer Lauryn Bayley shares why everyone needs to stream "Houston's new hip-hop icon".

"Aside from May’s masterful lyricism that demonstrates experience beyond his years, his versatility as a musician is impeccable. The young artist produced or co-produced each song on “CHASE.” The production is filled with mellow trap beats, that simultaneously provide a '90s rhythm and blues aesthetic and each one is expertly crafted," she writes.

Aaron May's talent and passion is astounding. Producing a whole album at the age of 17 to public acclaim, that's one hell of something to be proud of. Despite countless offers from labels, he insists in independently producing and releasing his music. Driven by honesty in every single track, it's clear why his music hits hard. He ain't pretending to be someone else. Every single record is the real Aaron May.

Don't miss out on his touring debut "MAKEORBREAK" by booking your tickets now!

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